Pierced by J.C. Mells (Pierced #1)

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5 Silver Stars*****
**content warning**
Pierce was a victim of sexual and physical abuse from the age of 11-19. Pierce experiences flashbacks to this abuse throughout the story. Just FYI to those who may be sensitive to this type of content.
Pierce is such a bizarre and complicated character. And, that isn't surprising when you consider she was left abandoned in a vampire compound by her mother and subsequently imprisoned, drugged and abused by a predator. She has a face full of metal... she has panic attacks, alter egos and a bad drug addiction. Oh, and she's good in the kitchen!
The interesting part of this story to me was that Pierce never really met any of the vampires in the compound and was held captive by one of the humans in charge. A very bad one named Dorian. The vampires did not play a major role in this book at all in regards to Pierce.
The majority of this story is Pierce on the run with a 10 yr old girl named Mia. They were lucky and able to escape the compound with the help of a friend when she was 19. Pierce is desperate to protect Mia and keep her out of Dorian's grasp.
The best part of this book was the way that Pierce interacted with her alter egos... Mildred and Veda. This element of the story was so well written and entertaining and often added a nice touch of humor to this fairly dark story. I also loved all of the obsessive cooking! Pierce used this as one of her coping mechanisms. There was always surprise and awe at what she could scrounge up in the kitchen.
As we approach the end of book one Pierce learns that she has a much more valuable purpose to Dorian than she realized. She meets a family member she never knew she had that reveals her true nature and hidden talents.
I loved Pink... I don't want to say who or what Pink is exactly... it would give too much away. But, he plays an important role in saving Pierce.
Even though I had a great deal of empathy for Pierce and all that she had been through... I was also at the same time simply amazed at her resilience. Can' wait to see how this character develops in book two. Especially now as she begins to discover her hidden talents. I am excited for book two because the ending really took me by surprise and I need to see Dorian get what is coming to him. Yes, I really do!
I found this story to be very engaging and unique in nature. Definitely a page turner and one I had trouble putting down once I started. Great choice for fans of paranormal and want something a little new and different.

I received a complimentary copy of this title by the author in exchange for a review. And, she has gained a new fan! 



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5 stars*****
I really am glad that I read this novella... I loved getting to know Oscar. This is written from Oscar's POV and we get to know who he was before he got involved with the vampire compound. We learn about Reyes his trusted friend and the details of their past. The novella switches back and forth between the escape from the vampire compound to Oscar's past. I really do love this author and her writing style. Even though I already knew they escaped... I was still on edge! Can't wait for book two! Read Pierced first before you read Escaped... I feel like the novella might spoil a little of the mystery of book one. It is very well written and gives more depth to the story of Pierced.
Great series... highly recommend to paranormal fans who are looking for something different and edgy. 


And Coming Soon...  Pinked (Pierced #2)
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