Norse Jewel by Gina Conkle

 Stolen from her home and her betrothed, Helena is tied to the ground and up for sale as a thrall. A servant for a household and any other needs a man sees fit.  Helena, in a move to save her dowry lashes out at a man and winds up with her face slit. She keeps her dowry but now her safety is in jeopardy as night begins to fall and her capture has insured the awful man who scared Helena can now have her. Hope springs when Viking chieftain Hakan appears looking for an old woman to see after his household.

Hakan had a wife. Hakan has a son. The wife divorced him and is now keeping his son as a tool to get all she can from the chieftain. Fed up with woman and their lies he wants nothing to do with them. So when a thrall calls out to him, Hakan is suspicions of her reasons. (I will interject here by saying….she is tied to a stake, has been stolen from her family and future husband, is bleeding and trying not to get raped…..yeah, she has a motive! Men of the AD can be daft!)

What happens next is a sweet tale of two people falling in love and learning the new ways of each others culture. There is no “insta love.” Their story takes time and come together at a proper time. I really like both of these characters and find myself drawn to the story. It reminds me a little bit of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series.. Minus the supernatural element.

4 Stars for love, adventure and the chaos of houses divided.

*Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Yeah, I showed both covers as ya know, varity is the spice of life ((winky face))

From the cover………
A Viking Romance
AD 1022

Two lives collide when Helena, a captive Frankish woman, finds herself in desperate need. Hakan, the Viking chieftain who takes her, has plans…to lay down his sword and live a quiet farmer’s life.

Trouble brews when Helena, not born a slave, longs for freedom, and the chieftain who bought her longs for peace. They discover one surprise after another that hot Viking summer. But, will deceit and old loyalties destroy what is their greatest discovery…each other?

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