The Companions by R.A. Salvatore (The Sundering #1)

The Companions (The Sundering, #1)

4 stars****
I received a copy of this title from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for a review. I do like fantasy. I don't read it as often as I should. I am always impressed with the minds that create these worlds and allow you an opportunity to be taken to somewhere completely different where anything is possible. I know about Dungeons and Dragons in name only! I went into this series with no foundation whatsoever with this world. There were times when I felt a little lost but I'm going to assume it was my lack of knowledge or maybe I just didn't get it! I'll leave that for others to decide. I do think fans of this world will probably like this one.
Having said that... I truly enjoyed the story once I got my bearings straight. There are some really interesting characters. You basically are following three characters who have been reincarnated by a goddess in order to help their friend Drizzt when they finally grow up... again. It was very interesting thinking about how hard it must be to be inside of a babies body but having an adult mind. Once they reach the age of 21 they will meet up again. I loved Catterie... she was such an interesting magical character.
I have never read anything by this author before and I enjoyed this as a whole. But, be prepared to go in with a little patience if this is your first time in this world. 

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