Temptation Unleashed by Sherry Stanfield (The Temptation Trilogy #1)

Temptation Unleashed (Temptation Trilogy, #1)

4 stars****
Oh Little Ben... you are in big trouble! I know I'm not supposed to be rooting for the Succubi in this series but man, they are a force not to be reckoned with... and, I love a female character that is so good at being bad. You do not want to make these little ladies angry... nope you don't. Very well written characters.
This is a very sensual and erotic read... and, it kind of has to be that way since Ben (a revenant) and the succubus draw energy through their sexual encounters. It seems that everyone in this book has only one thing on their mind! Mostly because they are all being influenced by forces unknown and that makes for a lot of superficial one track minded agendas.
I loved how the story began with Ben and Roch as two somewhat ordinary college students and then we gradually see a slow and steady development of these two characters as they come to realize the truth about themselves. Roch was my favorite of the two... I was definitely surprised when we finally learned what he is capable of and it looks like there is more to come for him. I could really feel the conflict that both of these characters were experiencing in coping with the reality of not being normal. Thought these characters were very well written as well.
This is a very creative and engaging story... BUT... it ends on a cliffhanger. So, for all of you impatient readers... just FYI... this is a trilogy.
I would recommend this book for fans of paranormal erotica... I liked it and will be looking for book two when it comes out. 


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