Taken by Storm by Kelli Maine

                                                        Taken By Storm (Give & Take, #2)

3 stars ***
This book was definitely better than Taken... If you read my review of that book then you know that I did not like that book at all. But, thought I would give this series a second chance and read the second book. I was so, so, so glad that we did not have to endure the very awkward POV that was used in book one. It made this book so much better from the start. And, I thought the story was better as well. Having said that... I have to say, that because I absolutely loathe Merrick and Rachael from the first book and still kind of did in this one... then that kind of ruined the book for me in some ways. Merrick is still my least favorite male character... ever... in regards to a romantic lead.
This book focuses on Merrick's son MJ... yep, the son he never knew he had. Can I just say that he's awfully young to have an almost 21yr old son. I mean he's in his early thirties. So, that means he was younger than 14... hhmmmm.
I liked the romance between MJ and Maddie. I didn't roll my eyes even once in this book. Except for when they borrowed the tree house on Turtle Tear island. Brought back eye rolling moments from the first book. I know that many people would find that idea romantic... I'm just not one of them. Oh well...
As I said in my review of Taken I loved the "idea" of this series. The love story behind Turtle Tear hotel is a good premise for a series. I felt more of a connection to the back story in this installment. I AM intrigued by the potential ghost story element and because I am a paranormal fan I would be interested in reading another installment of this series IF it moves away from romance a little and goes more into solving the ghost mystery instead. So, kind of glad that I gave the series another chance. Book two was definitely better than I expected. But, the verdict is still out for me on whether or not I'll continue to follow this series.

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