Shadow's Edge by J.T. Geissinger (Night Prowler #1)

Shadow's Edge (Night Prowler, #1)

4 stars****
First of all, I really love the cover on this book... it's one of the first things that drew my attention... and then I realize... Yes! you are paranormal... and I was definitely in the mood for some paranormal. This is a debut novel for this author and it's very well written and creative. And, lucky me... the next two installments have already been written and are waiting for me to read. Remember the story of the Turtle and the Hare... yep... I'm the turtle! You have to wait on me but I never have to wait cause' I'm always catching up!
Anyway, this is the story of a race of panther shifters called the Ikati. They live under strict rule and in hiding because they were being hunted to extinction. The rules are set up to protect their race but unfortunately most of them, particularly the women, live in seclusion. Jenna is a half-human/Ikati... the result of a forbidden marriage between her Ikati father and human mother. Her father disappears when she is 10 yrs. old. Jenna is not completely aware of what or who she is because she grew up always on the run... her mother trying to protect her from something unknown to her.
Right before her 25th birthday all of this changes when she finally comes face to face with the race she was taught to fear but also the only place where she can find the answers she needs about herself and what happened to her father.
Leander... the alpha of the Ikati is drawn to Jenna and she is drawn to him and eventually they know that they cannot deny the feelings that overwhelm them when they are together.
This story is part romance, part action, part mystery... and yes, I need to read book two because I know that the story has just begun!
If I were to have a complaint about this book it would be that the descriptions were sometimes redundant or monotonous and I would've liked a little more world building with the Ikati. But, it's a small complaint really... book two is called Edge of Oblivion... and that's where I'm headed next. 

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