Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Molly Cannon

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Good Gravy...  this a 5 star love story!
As I was reading this I was thinking to myself... this would be a great movie! This is such a feel good story that takes place in small town Texas. It's full of fun characters and it's based around Grammy Hazel's dream of turning the family home into a B&B. Unfortunately, Grammy Hazel passes away before she could see her dream come to life.
Etta, her granddaughter, arrives in town for the funeral and due to unforeseen circumstances has to stay and finish what was started on the B&B or she will have to sell the family home. The only catch is that she is forced to partner with Donny Jo... a blast from her past and not a man she gets along with for the most part.
As Etta and Donny Jo work and fight together they slowly begin to respect each other and eventually love each other. I truly enjoyed both of these characters and loved their stories. Two good people doing what they can to salvage the dream of a woman they both respected and loved. It seems as if Grammy Hazel always knew best and even more so after she passed away. Her dream brought them together in a way they never expected.
This is so much more than a romance. This is also a story of small town neighbors coming together to help honor the memory of a friend. It's a story of finding lost loves and mending wounds from the past... of taking chances and doing the right thing even if it means giving up something we really want.
If you are looking for a feel good story with a slow moving romance this is a good choice. It just made me smile...

ARC provided by Forever publishing via netgalley.

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