Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead (Age of X #1)

2 stars **
I was really excited when I was able to obtain an ARC of this title from netgalley. I've heard great things about Richelle Mead and her other series that she has written. Unfortunately, this book just fell flat for me as a whole. It's not that the writing was bad or really even the characters themselves... I just simply did not like the world she had created. I do love it when author's take the time to create a new world. A world that you can enjoy being a part of... but this world is not a world I found appealing.
The world building seemed a bit complicated, confusing and poorly developed and I was having difficulty mapping it all out in my head. It would have been helpful if we'd had a glossary, maps or some sort of guide to follow.
It also took me forever to figure out that Justin was talking to voices in his head and not real people.
I think that Justin, Mae and Tessa were all interesting characters and they were each unique but the only character I really connected too was Tessa. She was a smart, tough and snarky 16yr old.
I mostly skimmed through the murder investigations... and anytime I feel the need to skim then it's a sure sign that the author has lost me.
I still want to give some of Richelle Mead's prior series a try though... but I'm afraid this one will be X'd off my list! 
My pal "T" loved this book so I encourage you to head over to her review for a second opinion!  I think it is one of those books that will appeal to some but not others. 
To read T's review of Gameboard of the Gods click HERE.

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