Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley ... K's review

                                                           Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

3 stars ***
I am by no means a Kristen Ashley addict and I think I have only read maybe three of her books prior to this one??  None of those being Motorcycle Man which might have helped me enjoy this one a bit more.  I felt a little disconnected from these characters. It was OK but compared to my all time favorite Kristen Ashley book...  The Golden Dynasty... it didn't hold up to the same standards. 
My first thought was that this book felt a little over edited... seemed like we were missing some of that flair we've come to expect and love from Ashley's self published work.  There is a reason many of us like that raw writing of hers and I do hope that the publishers continue to encourage that same type of writing that helped create her fan base.  There is something refreshing about reading a story that is a little unpolished and allows us to see into an author's personality. And we all love Kristen...  she is a fun gal and it always reflects in her work.
This is a romance heavy book with very little action...  I had hoped for something more than romance seeing that this is a Motorcycle club.  There is drama...  plenty of drama...  but most of it fell into the realm of relationship drama and trouble with friends and family drama...  and it got a little boring.  It had a soap opera feel to it... 
The first 25% of the book was really, really good!  Loved the slow coming together of Tabby and Shy.  I was really into him in the beginning thinking he was the greatest guy especially when he was helping Tabby pull through her tough time.  But, after they got together his character kind of took a nose dive for me and he became a little too forceful, aggressive and bossy for my liking.  The way he brushed off Rosalie like she was something off the bottom of his shoe kind of sealed my dislike for him completely.  It was cruel...  and she didn't deserve it. 
I did love Tabby...  she is a strong character and most of the time was able to give Shy a taste of his own medicine but there were times when I felt she was a little too forgiving.
I think this book will definitely appeal to those who like a man who is willing to punch someone out for their honor...  some people like that sort of thing.  I for one like a quiet man who does what he's told!  And does anyone out there really think the man should be in control??  Nah...  I didn't think so...   


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