*Not by Sight by Kathy Herman

 Not by Sight by Kathy HermanReceived a free ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review. I made it to about 30% before it finally dawned on me that this is Christian fiction. Lots of conversations about faith and God etc... I'm not against Christian fiction but this story made me feel like I was being evangelized. I get plenty of that already... I do live in the South! :)
I requested a copy because the description peaked my interest as an Adult/mystery/thriller. It would've been nice to have had Christian fiction in the description as well. Everyone has their favorite genre of books and there are probably lots of people who would enjoy this book if they are a fan of Christian fiction but it's just not my cup of tea! It didn't have an adult feel to the story... it felt more like YA and I also don't really do YA.
Anyway... since this is not a genre I follow I decided to put this back on my digital shelf. :)

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