*Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

5 FREAKING STARS! Simply because I spewed coffee out of my nose on Loc 121 (Kindle edition).

Cotton candy at it’s best ya’ll. Funny, sexy and quick witted. These gals have done it again. I was worried we would get another version of Beautiful Bastard and I was so thrilled to be wrong. The story of Sara and Max is all their own.

Sara working to start a new life in New York minus the a$$hat that hurt her in Chicago. Max is just doing what he does enjoying the life and letting “Page Six” have its way with him.

When they meet its all witty banter and sexy innuendo. It culminates into some sexy fun time that proves once won’t be enough.  

No need to dig up your pocket change and head to the candy store cause this one is YUMMAH!

Here’s a little sexiness from Max……..enjoy!

"Three fingers of Macallan's, Pete, and whatever this lady is having. She's been waiting a spell, yeah?" He turned to me, wearing a smile that made something dormant warm deep in my belly.
"How many fingers would you like?"
"What did you just say?"
Innocence. He tried it on, smoothing it over his features. Somehow he made it work, but I could see from the way his eyes narrowed that there wasn't an innocent cell in his body.
"Did you really just offer me three fingers?" I asked.
He laughed, spreading out the biggest hand I'd ever seen on the bar just between us. His fingers were the kind that could curl around a basketball and dwarf it.
"Petal, you'd be best to start with two."
"You give good innuendo."



  1. Amazing review, but I dont know why I didnt like this book as much as the first book.

    1. Thanks esraa, Book one will always be my favorite in the series that's for sure. I think everything after will just be compared to it. Hope you keep reading the series.