Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux

Cut & Run Sticks & Stones Fish & Chips Divide & Conquer Armed & Dangerous Stars & Stripes Touch & Geaux

This is my first M/M books to read. I never thought about it. Never thought this would interest me. However, after seeing and reading all the five star reviews it made me curious.  Mainly because most of the reviewers giving it the five stars are reviewers I follow and tend to have the same taste in books.

What the hell I’ll give it a shot. OH MAH GOOGLY GOODNESS! Hooked! I am hooked! These two have sucked me in. The FBI never looked so good. Each book is a case with the ongoing back story being Ty and Zane. Ty is the lovable funny balls to the wall ex marine. Zane is straight laced undercover cool ready to crack.

Following these two on their journey is a wonderful ride.  I got started and couldn’t stop till I had read them all. One after the other, lots of funny and funny is my weakness.

My only criticism is that the POV changes without warning and I found myself confused and rereading parts trying to figure out whose head I was in. Once I got the rhythm of Roux writing it’s much easier to read.

If you have never read M/M relationship story before give this one a shot because love is universal. Emotions are the same no matter who you love. 


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