Consequences, Truth and Convicted by Aleatha Romig


1 star*
Gosh this book was really boring and slow to get through. And I wasted my time and money on this series because I did not get the outcome I had hoped for. This one quote from Claire disturbed me and made me very, very angry...

"Some would argue that a foundation built on kidnapping, isolation, violence, an yes -even rape- would never stand. I must disagree. We lived through hell and came out the other side. Like the song says, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I can't imagine anyone having a stronger foundation than ours."

The message that this one quote sends to women is disturbing and scary... forgiving the man who kidnaps, beats and rapes me will make me stronger??? I'm sorry but I respect women who have been brutalized and raped by husbands, boyfriends etc... far too much to condone this type of thinking even in fiction. Yes, tragedy can make you stronger Claire but choosing to stay with the abuser instead of walking away makes you weak... making decisions based on your hormones instead of making decisions using your head makes you weak.
The only reason why I completed this series is because I had hoped Claire would actually grow a backbone and find a way to stick it back to the abusive man who nearly killed her in book one. She is the most naïve and annoying character and apparently quite easily manipulated and forgives easily when there is a big bank account full of money involved.
I do not have a problem with disturbing content... I read books with disturbing content all of the time. I do have a problem with the concept of a man who drugs, kidnaps, physically abuses, rapes, humiliates, treats a woman like his own personal sex toy, beats her so badly she is bed ridden and nearly dies AND impregnates her while she is basically unconscious and unaware (this is rape ladies) AND then somehow this character is turned into some kind of redeemable and likable guy??? There is a point of no return for me for what characters can get away with and somehow find a way to redeem themselves. Tony passed that point in book one and he deserved nothing more than a life of misery for what he did to Claire. I wanted revenge against Tony and I wanted Claire to walk away into the sunset with a big smile of redemption on her face that she finally got him back. I think it's great that Tony feels bad for what he did but he didn't deserve a happily ever after or forgiveness.
If Tony were a ... bus driver... instead of a good looking millionaire he would not be getting any love. This is such a shallow concept that I am getting tired of... a big bank account and good looks does NOT excuse criminal, abusive and controlling behavior... especially this kind.
Such a disappointing series...


K's Earlier thoughts on this series
Slight spoilers ahead!!!
 I did not like book one...  CONSEQUENCES... and the only reason why I continued on to book two was because the author ended Consequences in a way that did surprise me.  Book one was just extremely boring with too many descriptions of name brand clothing, shopping and a very annoying and weak minded heroine.  For the life of me I do not get why she didn't try harder to escape.  And, Claire really lost me when she made the really stupid decision to marry Tony.  Tony is one of those male characters that crosses a line with me that is in essence a point of no return in regards to whether or not he can redeem himself.  The things he does to Claire are unforgiveable and he can never ever be the hero in my eyes.  The outcome I would like to see is that Claire does not end up with Tony but instead opens her eyes to the TRUTH of what he is...  an abuser!   And I would love to see her finally grow a back bone and get her revenge against him.  If she ends up with him this will probably go down as one of my most disliked trilogies of all time! 
Book two...  TRUTH was definitely a much better written and engaging book but I was so disappointed in the fact that she once again allowed Tony to get away with overpowering her.  But, once again the author enticed us to continue with an unexpected ending. 
Even though this series is not one of my favorites...  I do get why so many people like it...  it does mess with your mind.  I am absolutely clueless however as to why so women like Tony...  and it does concern me that so many are Team Tony???!!!  Falling for an abuser is something I can never do...  and  I don't know why other women think this kind of character is worthy of book boyfriend status.  
If you haven't read this series and you think you are on board with the taboo nature of victim falling for abuser...  then the reading order is:

Book one CONSEQUENCES in which I rated one star....  sorry....  just wasn't for me!

Consequences (Consequences, #1)  
Book two...  TRUTH...  this was a 3 star rating for me... 


  1. H, Kat, thank you for this review. I felt so shocked seeing the amount of stars this series had. As I was referred to this by a friend, I thought 'why not, I have nothing to do anyway'. Fact is it was an absolute waste of my time AND it made me angry. I read it until Truth, then when I saw Claire going back to him after EVERYTHING, I couldn't do it anymore. I love romance novels and dark heroes do have their attractions (mysterious and brooding etc), but there was nothing redeeming about these characters.

    I don't know the diagnosis for Stockholm syndrome or whatever 'love' Claire had for Tony but left me frightened of the trajectory of romance/thriller /whatever the fuck (pardon my french) romance novel that was.

    1. Hi Teddy! Could not agree more... this series bothered me so much in the way it romanticizes rape. Just unacceptable to me even in fiction. I think it sends a very bad message that even the worst types of violations can be forgiven. In all honesty if it hadn't been "rich" and good looking it would have been unacceptable. Having money and wealth doesn't excuse bad behavior. Gosh, it's been years since I read these and I still get hot headed about this series! lol... I do enjoy the occasional dark themed book but the bad guy has to get it in the end. Otherwise, I'm just left boggled. Thanks for your comments. You are not alone.

    2. I had high expectations for this book. However, I ended up reading a somehow better-written version of 50 shades of gray. Although the genre isn't exaclty the same, I'm fed up with women fan girling about abusive, rich white men ... What the hell is wrong with you? Seriously ?

      If anything, I'm angry with the ending. I do understand it'a supposed to showcase the extent of Tony's control over Claire and how an abuser can manipulate his victimes... But come on? Really ?