Wool by Hugh Howey

Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey

I love a good romance but every now and then I like to branch out to something a little different. I picked up this series off of amazon as I was browsing through the kindle deals and I'm glad I did. Once I started I couldn't put it down. It's a complicated story but I'll try to put it in simple terms. The world came to an end a long time ago... well, the outside part. What's left of humanity now lives underground in a Silo that goes down about 100 floors. They are following rules that were set up by people that died a very long time ago and some people are beginning to question certain events that take place in the Silo. Of course, questioning the rules is not allowed and could mean a trip outside to "clean" which is equivalent to the death penalty. Their only view to the outside world is from the windows at the top of the Silo. Over time these windows have to be cleaned or they can't see out at all. Having the windows cleaned is somewhat of a special occasion/holiday. A rare clear view to what is left to the outside world. This is a disturbing and compelling story of how far humanity will go to preserve a way of life even if parts of it do not make sense. There are plenty of surprising events that take place that keep you wondering about the real truth behind the end of the world above and the extreme effort that it took to preserve this underground way of life. There is no way for me to explain any particular events from this book without revealing too much of the plot. But, it is a very good read if you are interested in this particular genre. I am excited that the author has since added three more installments to this series... anxious to continue on this journey!



  1. I saw it on Amazon bestsellers and it sounds really interesting. How many would you give to it?

  2. I guess I did forget to rate this! This would be about a 4.5 rating... I haven't had a chance to read the next two books in this series yet... on my to do list!