*The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

 1 star* ...  sighhhhh...  I just don't understand???? 

This is another one of those books that everyone seems to love but for some mysterious reason it drove me crazy and brought out some bad emotions for me. And, now there is a book two coming out (Kat scratches head in bewilderment) and I once again found myself scrolling through reviews trying to understand what I apparently missed.
I decided to re-write this review because quite a bit of time has now passed and I've had some time to get to the bottom of my dislike for this story. The primary reason why I disliked this book was very simply because I could not tolerate the naïve and wreckless behavior of these characters. Those top reasons being:
20yr old Camryn decides to get on a bus and take off and doesn't even have the common sense to tell anyone where she is going. The mother in me can't handle this kind of silliness.
Andrew decides it's perfectly okay to ignore his father while on his death bed and go on an impromptu road trip with some strange chick he met on a bus. And, even though we were supposed to somehow feel sorry for him because he didn't have a good relationship with his dad... I just couldn't. Not something I can relate too...
The book finally lost me completely when we got the "I like rough sex" and the "I need to own you" bits. I didn't get it... it didn't feel like it belonged in this story. This was supposed to be young love... right???
The amount of shock factor moments thrown in for good measure towards the end of the book was utterly eye rolling. As I've said in previous reviews there must be a healthy balance of tragedy vs. triumph. Otherwise, it just makes the story hard to believe. This book tipped too far over the edge of the tragedy scale.
Once again I know I'm in the minority... but, that's the way it goes!
If it's any consolation I am trying hard to be a little more cautious when choosing to read a romance geared for the New Adult audience. It clearly is not where I belong. Even though sometimes I do find one that I love... most of the time I end up frustrated and annoyed. 


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