D.B. Reynolds Vampires in America Series

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Vampires in America is a fantastic series to bite into.  Raphael the powerful and charismatic Vampire Lord. Cynthia Leighton a smart, tough and sexy,  private investigator and former cop. This is a great combination. Not the virginal and naive heroine verses the ancient testosterone filled vamp with a heart of gold that so  many authors tend to over do these days. This coupling is a meeting of the minds and wills. Vampires in America is a more realistic story. An adult take on love and responsibility in the real world. You will meet and love so many of DB Reynolds characters along the way making this a world I relish falling into with each new book release.

Needing a good solid series to get wrapped up in on a cold rainy weekend?  Then this is it. 

Story line 5 *****
Romance 4****
Sizzle factor 4**** 
Characters 5***** 

My only negative is the cover art. It makes it look like the quintessential old Harlequin novels and these books are so much more. Proving the point never judge a book......well you get it :)


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  1. This makes me want to read this series now... good review T... :)