No Turning Back (Kathleen Turner #1) by Tiffany Snow

I get this nugget of excitement in my stomach when I realize that I’m reading the start of a new series that I KNOW I’ll be addicted to. I read so much that when it happens I’m usually taken by surprise. Surprised is truly what I am. Book one in the Kathleen Turner series gave me the slow burn; the beginning was filled with lots of building moments. From the first time Kathleen faceplants herself into the lap of her boss Blane, ‘till the two of them finally get together. HOTNESS!

You can read the write up below for the basic outline; I won’t be going into all that, as it’s already said perfectly. I will tell you that the writing style and lighthearted take on this is simply perfection. One of our heroes is a reluctant, badass lawyer who appears to have some morals. Blane is funny, sexy, and struggling to understand this puzzle named Kathleen Turner. Kathleen reminds me a bit of Stephanie Plum. She means well and tries to get things done on her own. However, she sometimes puts her faith in the wrong people.  Once the baseline of the H/h is established we get to watch her bumble her way in and out of trouble while trying to solve the case and murder of her friends.

When Blane’s brother is introduced, it just adds so much more to the story. Special ops, thugs, criminals? What’s going on? Watching a young (thankfully not a virgin) Kathleen figure all this out is a perfect blend of sexy, funny, mystery and friendship. I loved it.

5 STARS to a new series for me. I just love it when that happens!

*Given via the author in exchange for an honest review
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Kathleen Turner has goals. She moved to Indianapolis to start seeing to them, but things aren't going quite as well as she'd hoped. She's a runner for a high-powered law firm in town, not the most prestigious of positions, but it and her part-time bartender gig at least pays the bills. And one of the senior partners is a dreamboat in that obscenely rich, disturbingly good looking, slightly snobbish sort of way.

Before she did a mortifying face plant in his lap during a meeting, she was quite happy ogling him from afar. After that...well...she was more about the avoiding. Mature, no. More likely to assure she keeps her job, yes.

She's made some friends in the few months she's been in Indy. One of those friends is her neighbor Sheila, though Kathleen can't say she's completely comfortable with Sheila's job choice as a high-dollar escort.

It's the middle of the night when Kathleen hears fighting coming from Sheila's apartment. As disturbing as that is, it's the ominous sound of silence afterwards that keeps Kathleen from falling back to sleep. Slipping from bed with the intention of making sure everything is okay, Kathleen knocks on friend's door, only to find Sheila murdered, her naked body sprawled on sheets stained crimson with her blood.

Shock and horror are followed by gritty determination when it becomes clear that Sheila's death isn't random and it isn't the result of a jealous boyfriend. It's the opening gambit in a web of murder, deceit, conspiracy, and fraud that stretches to the law firm for which Kathleen works. Maybe to the very office that Blane Kirk commands.

And Kathleen Turner, law office runner, can trust no one if she wants to survive.


  1. How cool that it's set in Indianapolis! I live about 45 mins from there! Makes me curious if I would recognize things from the book... Also, I got my books- thank you! I'm super excited about the audio, as I've actually never listened to an audio book b4.

    1. Not many "landmark" references in this one but I think you will like it. As for the audio....It was a first for us in a long time to listen to an audio and we both really enjoyed it. Happy you got them and thanks for letting us know :)