*Sookie countdown #6... Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

                                                        Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, #6)

The sixth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series is "definitely" full of drama and action... and of course there is Sookie's continuing love saga.   I liked this book primarily because we begin to see a budding relationship with Quinn...  the Were Tiger.  Quinn is a character that I really like and out of all of her love interests so far he stands out.   Well, except that every time Sookie is with him they get attacked by werewolves.  And, so begins a new mystery to solve and plenty of opportunities for Sookie to once again get beaten up, bitten and hunted.  Sookie doesn't have health insurance by the way...  not smart for a gal who is constantly running into trouble...  particularly the kind that leaves bumps and bruises. 
This is also the book that made me feel a little bad for Sookie.  She finds out that Bill and his love for her was sort of "planned" and unfortunately for Bill I think that Sookie is done with him for good.  Secretly I'm cheering her on...  you know...  because I never liked the guy anyway.  To make matters worse she finds out that she has fairy blood and that it's her fairy blood that makes her attractive to vampires.  This is a hard blow since Sookie really wants to be loved for who she is and not because of her abilities. 
Sookie spends most of this book in New Orleans cleaning out her cousin Hadley's apartment.  Hadley had been changed into a vampire and unfortunately had met an untimely death.  She was also the Queen's girlfriend which unlocks even more mysteries and opportunities for Sookie to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The good news is that she made a new friend named Amelia who is coming to live with her in Bon Temps and by the end of the book has developed a new budding romance with the Were Tiger.  Amelia is a witch in training and also one of my favorite characters in this series. 
I would say that things are looking up for Sookie but I don't think that is ever the case really...  her life is a revolving door of death and doom.  I do hope that Sookie gets her happy ending...  guess we'll be finding out if that is the case on May 7th. 

Now it's on to book #7 which is titled...  All Together Dead... 


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