*Sookie countdown #7... All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

                                                        All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, #7)

Book 7 in the Sookie Stackhouse series is the one where I really wanted to reach through the pages and shake some sense into Sookie.  Each and every time she steps up to do a favor for someone in the supernatural community she gets hurt, threatened or stabbed in the back and usually walks away saying that she'll never get involved again but then...  she does.  And this time she was warned by Claudine... her fairy godmother...  not to go to the vampire convention to help assist the Queen.  But, she let money and the fact that she didn't want to walk away from a commitment get in the way of her own self preservation.  Sookie really needs to realize that the only one who is going to look after her well being is her...  especially when it comes to supes! 
Anyway...  basically we still have the on-going romance with Quinn the Were Tiger in this installment but things aren't going so well.  It seems as if Quinn is always unavailable and outside circumstances always get in the way of them being together.  And, to make things even more complicated ,Sookie... due to circumstances out of her control... ends up further tying herself to Eric.  Their emotional bond is quite strong in this book and even though Sookie knows it's not good for her she has little control or choice in the matter.  Eric does seem to really care for Sookie, however, even putting his life in danger for her...  which is not something Eric usually does.  Eric is all about self preservation and power.  Their relationship is inevitably going to happen... to say the least.  And, after some of the events that have occurred with Quinn this go around, looks like Eric may very well get his way.  I liked Quinn very much and  I am a little disappointed that things aren't working out to well for them... but that's the way it goes in the world of Sookie. 
There is so much action in this book...  it takes place mostly at a vampire convention.  There are un-explained murders,  surprise weddings (three to be exact), trials, mysteries, and bombs...  all mixed in with a little romance and a lot of OMG!!  There is no doubt at all that power will be shifting in the vampire world after the shocking events that take place.  And, there is also even further doubt as to who will ever win Sookie's heart. 
At the end of this book Sookie begins to realize that she is changing as a person and she doesn't like it...  but one thing is for certain...  maybe the next time her fairy godmother gives her a message of warning...  she will hopefully listen! 

Well, now it's time to move on to book #8 which is titled...  From Dead to Worse...


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