*Sookie Countdown #5... Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

                                                            Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, #5)

And in this installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series we meet...  Quinn...  the WereTiger...  RAWR!!!  Well, it's just a quickie meeting...  but, a very interesting addition to Sookie's ever-growing number of love interests. 
This book had a "filler" feeling to it...  it wasn't my favorite of the series but still pretty good.  Jason is coming to terms with the fact that he is now a were-panther.  Someone in Bon Temps has a beef with shifters and shifters all over are being used as target practice.  Jason is under suspicion for being the shooter  (a typical pattern with Jason). 
Sookie is of course being kissed, stalked, and shot at and yes, she ends up in the hospital...  AGAIN!  :)  This is a pattern that Sookie really needs to put an end too. 
We get to spend time with Claudette who is still serving as Sookie's fairy godmother and we also meet...  Claude!  But don't get too excited...  the fairy Claude does not care for the company of women.  What a shame.  :(   It's just not fair that Sookie is surrounded by so many gorgeous, unavailable and kind of messed up men.  Let's do an official count of all of her suitors so far:

Bill - vampire stalker
Eric - vampire who is out of touch with his emotions
Alcide - Werewolf who tends to put Sookie in awkward situations
Calvin - head of the werepanthers (not really Sookie's type I'm afraid)
Sam - her best friend for like...  ever (should they go there?)
Quinn - WereTiger - question mark??? 

Did I miss anyone???  Gosh it's getting hard to keep up. 
But, my favorite part of this book had to be Eric and his desperate need to find out what exactly happened between he and Sookie when he lost his memory.  And, she is having a dandy ole' time keeping this information from him..  and a good thing she did too.   That information came in handy when she needed a big favor.

As I sit and ponder the many options Sookie has to choose from...  there is one collective truth that stands out.  Sam is always the one that stands out as her steady friend...  the guy she can always count on.  HHmmmm...  I feel pretty confident still that this is who Sookie will end up choosing in our last book.  And more and more I think that I would be happy with that...  I am surprised I feel this way.  But, re-reading this books has allowed me to focus on details I hadn't noticed the first time around.  We'll find out on May 7th! 

Well now it's time to move on to book 6...  Definitely Dead...  stay tuned! 


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