Sookie Countdown #4... Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

                                                             Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse, #4)

It goes without saying that Book four was my absolute favorite installment in this series.  And for good reason...  here is a taste of the "sweet" Eric that made me swoon...  as well as Sookie... 

(Eric to Sookie)
"We could go back to your house.  I can stay with you always.  We can know each other's bodies in every way, night after night.  I could love you."  His nostrils flared, and he looked suddenly proud.  "I could work.  You would not be poor.  I would help you." 
"Sounds like a marriage,"  I said...
"Yes," he said. 

Does this sound "out of character" for our usually self-centered vampire viking??  Well, yes... it does.  That's because this is the book where Eric temporarily loses his memory, thanks to a curse by a vengeful witch out to make a point against the vampires of Shreveport.  Eric was found by Sookie one night wandering around Bon Temp lost and confused.  She was asked to hide him and protect him from the witch coven.  While she was taking care of him Sookie could not help but fall for this all of a sudden gentle, caring and oh so sweet gorgeous viking...  she fell right into his charms.  Who could blame her though??  I fell right along with her...  I loved this Eric.  But, would he stay this way?  HHmmmmm...  I'll let you read on your own to find out.  :) 

There is also plenty of action in book four...  Sookie's brother is missing and feared dead.  We are introduced to more of the Were pack in Shreveport and we get more Alcide time.  (The hunky werewolf we met in the last book.)  We also find out that along with shifters, werewolves, witches and vampires there are also...  were-panthers.  When will it end??  haha...  I'm beginning to think there are fewer humans in Bon Temps than we originally believed.  We also meet Claudette...  kind of a "fairy" godmother who swoops in and saves Sookie when she falls asleep at the wheel of her car and helps the supernatural community in their efforts to fight against the witch coven causing problems for everyone.  And we learn that vampires have an unusual attraction to fairy blood.  And as usual...  every supernatural big wig has their romantic eyes set on Sookie.  Her love life resembles that of a roller coaster...  big ups and even bigger downs!  Just walk away Sookie...  just walk away!  The good news is that for once Sookie did not end up in the hospital.  But, even though she doesn't get beaten up physically...  her heart certainly does take a beating this time around.  This is the book that made me want to see Sookie get her happily ever after.  She deserves one... 

Well, now I'm on to book five...  "Dead as a Doornail"...  as we continue on our Sookie Stackhouse countdown. 


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