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The Theory of Not Quite Everything by Kara Gnodde

Thank you Haper Publishing for sharing The Theory of Not Quite Everything by Kara Gnodde with me! I was overjoyed to discover this in my mailbox over the weekend. There's been such a buzz about it and I can't wait to figure it all out (math pun? maybe) :-) ~Tanja Out Now! Get it on Amazon From the Cover... Meet Art and Mimi Brotherton. Devoted siblings and housemates, they’re bound together by the tragic death of their parents. Mathematical genius Art relies on logic, while Mimi prefers to follow her heart. When Mimi decides she needs more from life than dutifully tending to her brilliant brother, she asks for his help to find love. Art agrees, but on one condition: that she find her soulmate using a strict mathematical principle. Things seem promising, until Mimi meets Frank: a romantic, spontaneous stargazer who’s also a mathematician. Despite Mimi’s obvious affection for the quirky Frank, Art is wary of him from their very first encounter. As Art'
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How I'll Kill You by Ren DeStefano

WOW. Total binge read and worth a sleep-deprived night! How I'll Kill You is surprisingly the first novel from DeStafano. I point this out to say I am utterly surprised by this. HIKY feels like a novel by a seasoned author. I was entrenched with her characters and the inner dialogue of Sissy/Jade. Think Netflix's You combined with the relaxed flow of Nora Roberts. It feels easy and natural. The juxtaposition between the sisters and their relations with each other was perfectly thrilling with an eerie undercurrent that took hold and forbid me to stop reading. I tried twice to put my kindle down but was denied via my need-to-know. I just couldn't bring myself to stop till I knew how it ended. I think this will be topping the book charts this spring! ~Tanja March 21st ~ Get it on Amazon From the Cover... Your next stay-up-all-night thriller, about identical triplets who have a nasty habit of killing their boyfriends, and what happens when the youngest c

The Girl In the Woods by Kristen Ashley

Okay book fam, I'm entirely unsure how I missed the kick-off to the Misted Pines series by Kristen Ashley. The Girl in the Woods is my first read in the series and I was only two chapters in when I stopped and beat feet to Amazon to snag book one, The Girl in the Mist. My god, there's nothing this woman can't do when it comes to character development and a well-thought-out plot. I found this to be a riveting read. I was entirely captivated by the case, the purpose-driven dialogue, and the all-around story. I'm excited to backtrack to book one and am invested in what's to come in this series. I have a feeling it's going to be one of Ashley's best. ~Tanja Releases March 21st ~ Get it on Amazon From the Cover... This body would be the last for Zachariah Lazarus… The Crystal Killer’s latest casualty was discovered in a sleepy town in the Pacific Northwest, Misted Pines. His years in the FBI, and tracking the Crystal Killer, have taken th

Ellie Is Cool Now by Victoria Fulton/Faith McClaren

No matter what you do, who you become, or where you're going you will always be, in some way a part of who you were in high school. Ellie is going to discover that she is the sum of all her parts in Ellie Is So Coll Now by Victoria Fulton and Faith McClaren.  I loved the evolution and the throwbacks to her high school days. She's about to discover she's not at all who she thought she was and that the other kids weren't as great as they pretended to be. Ellie is definitely cooler now that she has an understanding not only of herself but of the people she once called friends and enemies. I truly hope this is just the beginning of a new series. There are so many characters that I am longing for a deeper look into. It really is the perfect setup.  ~Tanja Releases March 21st ~ Get it on Amazon From the Cover... Meet the girl who’s “Most Likely to Make Everything Worse.” TV writer Ellie Jenkins worked her butt off to put her nerdy, outcast teen years

The Wedding at Moonglow Bay by Lori Wilde

  Lori Wilde is a queen of romance! There is just something so soothing in her writing. It feels like going home. She's one of my comfort read authors.  That being said...for me, The Wedding at Moonglow Bay will go down as one of her most angst-ridden romances. I don't want to ruin it via a review so I'll just say WOW!! Growth and yearning are powerful things. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. ~Tanja Releases March 21st ~ Get it on Amazon From the Cover... It wasn’t the wedding night she’d expected! When Samantha said “I do” to Luca Ginelli, she knew she’d found a reliable soulmate—a strong, sexy man who’d stand beside her through thick and thin. And so she’d started her wedding day filled with joyful expectation, only to have her dreams shattered when the man she married years before shocking, unexpectedly, reappears, insisting she was still his wife! Seven years before, Luca’s brother, Nick, had stubbornly set off in a sailing adventure, i

Midnight Duet by Jen Comfort

“What goes around comes around.”  “You get back the same energy you put out.”  “You reap what you sow.” So many quotes about karma can be applied to Midnight Duet by Jen Comfort. Erika Greene will learn not only about herself but what it really means to love. Released in January this play on The Phantom of the Opera is sure to please fans of broadway! ~Tanja Out Now ~ Get it on Amazon From the Cover... Self-professed diva Erika Greene has it all: a starring role on Broadway, legions of fans, spectacular natural talent. But after an accident on stage leaves her face scarred and her career in shambles, Erika retreats to Paris, Nevada, where she’s inherited a ramshackle opera house in desperate need of some TLC. Erika pours her savings into the building, but it’s not enough to stave off casino developer Raoul Decomte’s avaricious gaze. With foreclosure imminent, she leases the space to some unexpected tenants: a German hair metal band, fronted by glam rock god Chr

Eat to Beat Your Diet by William Li, MD

Thank you so much to Grand Central Publishing for sharing this amazing book by Dr. Li! Having a FOUR-week meal chart and the recipes included are beyond amazing. I don't eat for weight loss I eat for a healthy body and mind. These recipes do both. ~Tanja Out Now for Purchase ~ Get your today! From the Cover... The pioneering physician scientist behind the New York Times bestseller Eat to Beat Disease reveals the science of eating your way to healthy weight loss. In his first groundbreaking book, Dr. William Li explored the world of food as medicine. By eating foods that you already enjoy, like tomatoes, blueberries, sourdough bread, and dark chocolate your body activates its five health defense systems to fight cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative autoimmune diseases, and other debilitating conditions. Now in Eat to Beat Your Diet, Dr. Li introduces the surprising new science of weight loss, revealing healthy body fat can help you lose weight