Meant to Be My Cowboy by R.C. Ryan

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Cowboys, Suspense, mystery, and love-hate energy all around. Gimme gimme!! This is an incredibly fun read. Welcome to Devil's Door Wyoming, book friends. Annie is coming right off a breakup and has no need or inclination for any type of romance and Jonah? Well, let's say he's everything you want and need as a protective man. Even with the cloud of family drama hanging over them. This was so much fun.


From the Cover...
A woman on the run must trust her family's sworn enemy in this thrilling tale by one of the best in cowboy romance.

The cowboy she can’t have . . . is the one she can’t resist.

Annie Dempsey has two rules for her new life in Devil’s Door, Wyoming: no romance and no drama. Fresh off a bad breakup, she’s already avoiding love. And as long as she steers clear of the Merrick clan—her family’s sworn enemies—avoiding drama won’t be a problem. But when a charming stranger steps in to protect Annie from a sudden threat, both her rules fly out the door. Because Annie’s mystery hero . . . is a Merrick.

Jonah Merrick won’t allow anyone—even a Dempsey—to be harmed on his watch. It doesn’t hurt that sweet, gorgeous Annie makes his heart beat like never before. Against his family’s objections, Jonah insists Annie hide out with him at his ranch while they try to outwit a dangerous pursuer. But as the days turn into weeks, Jonah realizes he’ll stop anyone who tries to harm Annie . . . or the loving future they’re building together.

*Thank you to Forever Publishing/Grand Central Publishing for sharing this with me.


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