The Room by Hannah Adkins

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What do you do when you've hit rock bottom and someone throws you a lifeline? In the case of Jasmine, you grab the line and hold on tightly. Only... was it really a lifeline or just another type of ending? The Room has an eerie unease to it. Told with an artistic flair by author Hannah Adkins. It was a very different adventure than what I was expecting. It's a fresh take on the futuristic mystery. One I enjoyed fully.


From the Cover...
Dark. Sexy. Thrilling. The Room gives you perfection through that door, but at what price?The Room is a thriller fictional novel set in the not-so-distant future. It subtly questions how technology and its ability to control the human mind can affect life itself. We join Jasmine at the brink of devastation; her life is certainly not going the way she'd like, and she intends to do something about it.A job offering at a place named only as 'The Room' saves her. But as she unveils the mastery of this mysterious place, and the people who created its extraordinary abilities, is it as beautiful as she initially thinks?The Room gives you perfection, but at what cost?

*Thank you to the author for sharing this title with me.


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