Easy Peasy Tasty Salads by Emily Brown

A fun cookbook that is currently FREE on Kindle Unlimited! 

A nice and tasty surprise is what I call this cookbook. Simple and easy recipes that are absolutely perfect for a busy person just getting home from work. Well crafted, easy to follow, and the best part is the picture that follows each recipe. It's like a lookbook for the salad lover.

Yummy goodness abounds!

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Emily Brown is a loving wife and mother, a wellness consultant and a writer. Professionally she used to travel in Eastern Europe, Western Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus region as a personal wellness and nutrition consultant. For a long time cooking has been her passion. She had a great opportunity to observe various cooking traditions and collect different recipes. Her family and friends inspired her, challenged her and encouraged her to start writing cookbooks and share her cooking experience. Emily loves promoting positive thinking and listening to the heart and body. There is something in her books for everyone.

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