With Ties that Bind (Broken Bonds #3) by Trisha Wolfe

Now this, folks, is the way you end a series! Wolfe has kept the mystery in the forefront and the sex simmering on the fringe. Wholly captivating with spine-tingling revelations, With Ties that Bind 3 left me in awe. Wolfe has such a subtle way of leaving clues on the page that has me left feeling as if she is teaching a master class in suspense. So many nuances, so many highlighted pages. Even ‘til the bitter end I was kept guessing and puzzling out who our Alpha’s identity was. Brilliant.

Sorry guys, this will be all the review I can muster for you. That’s the brilliance of a good mystery. You must discover the secrets yourself. No spoilers here.

5 Stars

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Third novel in the With Ties that Bind trilogy. Final novel in the Broken Bonds series.

To protect the woman he loves, Detective Ethan Quinn defied the law he’s defended and upheld his entire career. He turned his back on his honor and ethics with only one objective in mind: protect Avery at all cost. Now he’s tangled in a web of deceit and corruption, no better than the killer he’s hunting.

As Quinn navigates a treacherous maze, he senses a rat amid his department. He suspects the perpetrator is hiding in plain sight, using their shield within the law to disguise them.

Who is the real Alpha?

Having been framed for murders and crimes they didn’t commit, a suspect is under investigation by not only the ACPD, but the FBI, and lead medical examiner Avery Johnson feels the pressure from all sides as she guards the secrets within her lab. Quinn went to great lengths to save her, to protect her…and now it’s her turn to be the hero for the man she loves.

A showdown is looming, the Alpha is ready to strike. No one is safe as the clock ticks down to the final moments that will test every member of the task force, leaving only one side left standing.

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