Author Spotlight~ Ainsley Booth/Zoe York

Most of the time, my name is actually Zoe, but from time to time, I write something extra-dirty and publish it as Ainsley. You can find me on Facebook, either at my page or in my reader group, and occasionally on Instagram. Coffee, yoga pants, and reading rule my life.

An exclusive Q & A with Zoe York

Title: Prime Minister
Series: Frisky Beavers #1
Authors: Ainsley Booth, Sadie Haller
Publisher or Imprint: Booth Haller Books

Ellie Montague is smart, sensitive, and so gorgeous it hurts to look at her. She’s also an intern in my office. The office of the Prime Minister of Canada.*
That’s me. The PM.
She calls me that because when she calls me Sir, I get hard and she gets flustered, and as long as she’s my intern, I can’t twist my hands in her strawberry-blonde hair and show her what else I’d like her to do with that pretty pink mouth.**

How much I like the PM varies on a daily basis. He’s intense, controlling, and a perfectionist in every way—and he demands the same of his staff.
How much I want him never wavers.
There’s something about him that tugs at me deep inside, and makes me wish that just once he’d cross the line in a late night work session. I’d take that secret to the grave if it meant I got a taste of the barely restrained beast inside him.***

* This is a fictional erotic romance.
No prime ministers or interns were harmed in the making of this book.
** Except it’s a BDSM romance, so they were hurt a little.
*** Spoiler alert: she gets more than a taste. And she likes it.


A kinky Prime Minister, a vanilla intern, and a scandal that shouldn't feel so right or cost so much.

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Canadian erotic romance with a dirty prime minister, an even dirtier doctor, and an entire hockey team full of secret kinks and HEAs just waiting to happen…Frisky Beavers is the type of romance series that happens when Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller get carried away with April Fools Day jokes and then fall into a bottle of red wine (Frisky Beaver wine, in fact, and yes, that's where the series name came from).

Dr. Bad Boy
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Full Mountie (March 2017)
Mr. Hat Trick (August 2017)

Mom by day and filthy romance writer by night, Ainsley is super grateful for caffeine, banana and blueberry muffins, and yoga pants.
Surrounded by mist-covered mountains, Sadie Haller lives a quiet life with her husband and fur-babies.
Together, Ainsley and Sadie write funny, sexy Canadian erotic romances. You can find them at

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  1. I just started reading frisky beavers and I'm quite enjoying it. Quick question though who/what gave you your inspiration throughout your writings?

    1. I have different inspiration for every book/series. Sometimes it's a location (like San Diego/Coronado Beach for my SEALs books) or a public news event (like the election of a handsome prime minister!). And sometimes it's more random than that--my imagination is pretty active. :)

  2. I am reading PM. I am about 40% and loving it!

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  4. Between Frisky Beavers and the Forbidden Bodyguards, I'm totally hooked on your books!

  5. I haven't read your books...Yet! They sound great, can't wait. I love finding new authors.

  6. Totally hooked on your writing. Loved PM and can't wait to read the rest of the series! ❤

  7. Your one of my favorite Authors, Prime Minister was the best, can't wait to read more!

  8. I've finished with Prime Minister and started with Doctor Bad Boy...OMFG...I'm hooked...I loved Gavin but Max...holly two just keep writing and I'll most definitely be buying ����

  9. I read Prime Minister and loved it and can't wait to read the rest of the series. And apparently now I need to find and read Forbidden Bodyguards as well....

    1. You do! And Booty Call is free for a few more days. :) Snap it up quick!

  10. Im new to these authors and I'm excited to read these

  11. Somehow, I didn't know that you wrote as Ainsley as well. I picked up PM and am looking forward to devouring it as well as the rest of "Ainsley's" books.

    1. My secret identity! LOL If you like my Zoe books, I think you'll like Ainsley too. Same brain, just a little less filtered. ;)