Deception (Vampires in America #9) by D.B. Reynolds ~Review & Giveaway~

Cynfully amazing was the first thing that came to mind upon finishing D.B. Reynolds ninth book in the Vampires in America series. She truly is far and away one of my all time favorite paranormal romance authors. It’s so much more than the romance that draws me in every time. It’s the brilliance of her characters and the staying power of the world she has created that always keeps me coming back for more. Deception really is a jewel in her crown of books.
Cynthia Leighton has, from the very start, been a force to reckon with. She is powerful, smart, strong, and more that capable. She only needed a man in her life to compliment the woman she already was, not fix or make her. She belongs to herself, but gives everything to the man…or, should I say, the vamp. She loves Raphael. Yes, our vampire lord Raphael is sexy as hell and adorably arrogant as always.
It’s when the unscrupulous enemies from the old country bring him to his knees that Cyn shows that she will burn the world to ash to get her man back.
 Deception is a resounding epitaph to girl power. I LOVED it.
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Kauai, Hawaii—tropical paradise, vibrant jungle, turquoise sea... and sensuous nights that hide vampires so powerful they can change the world.
Raphael—powerful, extraordinary, arrogant. He’s been eliminating rivals and gathering allies, determined not just to survive, but to demolish the Europeans who think they can steal what he’s worked for centuries to create. In a final bid to avert a war that seems inevitable, Raphael agrees to meet an enemy he knows of old. She is formidable, wily, and not to be trusted. But in his arrogance, Raphael believes he can foil whatever treachery she has brewing.
Cynthia Leighton—Raphael’s human mate, beautiful, smart, and deadly when threatened. She doesn’t trust anyone, much less a powerful vampire claiming to want peace. So while Raphael prepares to negotiate a treaty, Cyn is preparing for the inevitable double-cross that she knows is coming. Raphael worries about saving thousands of vampire lives. She only cares about one, and she will do anything to keep him alive and in her arms.
When Cyn is proven right, when it all falls apart and Raphael’s enemies draw on ancient magic to trap him, taking him away from Cyn and out of the war, it all falls to her—to find Raphael, to save the thousands of vampires who will die if she doesn’t succeed... and to kill every single being, human or vampire, who gets in her way.

D.B. Reynolds is the award-winning author of the popular Vampires in America series, as well as other paranormal fiction. She lives with her husband of many years in a flammable canyon near Los Angeles, and when she's not writing her own books, she can usually be found reading someone else's.

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  1. Absolute brilliance by Ms Reynolds!! DECEPTION, in is this readers opinion, is the BEST of the series so far, and reminds readers why they love Raphael and Cyn with a passion!!