Wicked Shots by Katana Collins

In order to make this short read a bit more understandable, I feel the reader should know that this is more like a prequel to the upcoming book Wicked Exposure, coming in April 2015. The events that happen in Wicked Shots sets the stage and gives the reader an insight into what I believe is a major plotline in the next book. Honestly, it was a tad confusing, warranting me to slow down and reread a few things in order to keep the storyline straight.

Okay, getting to the nitty-gritty. Wicked Shots is a day in the life of Cassandra Walters. From the moment she is introduced it’s obvious that she is leading a life that varies between the normal, the erotic, and the mysterious. If nothing else, I’m left wanting to know more about Cassandra and her world.

For fans of author Katana Collins, you know the one thing she does phenomenally well is a good sex scene. You won’t be disappointed. Not only is it sexy, but the added humor just enhances the read.

We are left with a big fat cliffhanger, however we also get a sneak peek into the next book Wicked Exposure which helps soothe the sting of a cliffy.

4 can’t-wait-for-more Stars!
 Coming February 24th
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 Living on the edge…

Cassandra Walters has always followed the rules…until now. Introduced to the erotic pleasures of total submission, she spends her nights in the company of her master, doing as she’s told and surrendering to exquisite ecstasy. But indulging in her newly discovered passion is a problem for Cass. She’s caught in a drug smuggling ring with no way out and nowhere to turn. Cass is not just running scared. She’s running for her life

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