Love in a Snow Storm by Zoe York

Release day:  December 16, 2015
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Never fall in love with your best friend's little sister...

Contractor and army reservist Jake Foster fell in love with Dani Minelli when she was a colt-legged high school senior. He knew he was too old to even look at her, let alone touch.

Dani’s been trying to get his attention since returning to Pine Harbour a grown woman—and failing miserably at every turn.

This winter, everything is going to change. And when the snow stops falling, Jake and Dani won't be able to hide from their attraction any longer.

4.5 stars!

I fell in love with this series with book one... Love in a Small Town... so book two was a must read and it did not disappoint. Dani and Jake had the steam rolling off the pages and melting the snow away... very sexy read!
Jake has always been attracted to Dani since she was in high school and it bothered him because he knew he was too old for her. Not to mention, she has a few brothers that would not approve! Especially in this small town where everyone knows everything about everybody.
He forced himself to walk away from her but was never able to really move on to anyone else. Sometimes the needs of the heart overpowers the logic of the mind. The heart wants what it wants...
Turns out, all they really needed was time. Now that Dani is all grown up, she and Jake find themselves facing a truth that has long been kept under lock and key and they finally decide to take a chance on each other despite the consequences. I loved watching this couple finally come together after so many years of waiting and longing. And, they were such a great couple.
Jake is definitely ready to settle down and start a family... will Dani want the same thing? This is where the story really won me over because what started out as an intense sexual coming together... eventually led to Jake having doubts about what Dani really wanted from him. This is where the emotions become real and their relationship is truly tested.
The story also picks up where it left off in book one with the tragic death of a friend and we also get to participate in the final Happily Ever After of Olivia and Rafe... they are still my favorite couple so far in the series. Just love those guys...
So, another great read in the Pine Harbour series... and I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment!

Many thanks to the author for the complimentary ARC! 

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