~Review~ Infernal by Jess Raven & Paula Black

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About the Book
Neva Raines is the only person who believes the death of her brother Daniel isn’t what it appears. Gay, sexually abused, pumped full of drugs, and dumped in a London underpass, the circumstances surrounding his murder—and their mother’s record as an addict—lead people to all the wrong assumptions. But Neva knows Daniel, who watched their mother fight her own demons for years, would never have walked that same path.
Determined to follow leads the police have no interest in pursuing, Neva goes on the hunt for Daniel’s killers. Instead, she finds Konstantyn. He’s dangerous, seductive, and seems to know something about Daniel’s murder. Getting information out of him proves impossible—as does keeping a safe distance.
As her world spirals ever deeper into sex clubs, corruption, and rumours of occult influences, nothing Neva has is safe: not her mind, her heart, or her life. If she can’t find a way out of the mess that claimed Daniel’s life, she’s in danger of losing all three.

Explicit scenes of sex and violence make this book suited to an 18+ readership.

5 Dark and Gritty stars*****

Could not put this down once I started... great read! These ladies never disappoint me... such a fan of their writing talent.
This story is really dark and edgy. But, in a world where you mix the occult with an underground sex ring organized by a seriously disturbed sadist... that is to be expected. So, if you are sensitive to explicit sex and violence this is not the book for you!
Very intriguing characters...
Konstantyn is a tattooed, Ukranian dancer. He has the look of a dangerous man but at the same time he is mysterious and attractive. Neva is a dancer who is determined to find the truth behind her brothers death. They meet when she decides to try out for the dance team that her brother was a part of before he died. Their attraction for each other is strong and Neva decides to take a risk and trust Konstantyn to help her. However, as the truth of what actually happened is slowly revealed, it's more shocking and disturbing than Neva ever realized. She finds herself delving deeper into a dark world that she may not be able to survive. A world where trusting the wrong people can be a deadly mistake.
The fun of a suspense novel is the slow revelation of the plot. So, I can't say much more without spoiling the suspense. But, I will say I found this to be very engaging from beginning to end... couldn't stop turning the pages... and I liked the originality of the story and characters.
The ending threw out a couple of surprises which makes me wonder if there are future books in store?? If so, I'm totally on board! And yes, this is a stand alone... in case you were wondering.

Another great story and looking forward to more!

Many thanks to the authors for the advanced copy... :)
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