Chance the Darkness by L.A. Wild

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In the depths of half-human, half-unknown, twenty-year-old, Summer Keese’s mind, the walls are beginning to crack....

I must be going mad. When my twin sister dies, my whole life begins to unravel in ways I never could have dreamed. A crazy lady ranting in my head, blood-drinking ghouls, a psychotic cult demanding I channel some powerful objects, dangerous men who want to control me.... Total insanity, right? Except, it's all real.
Then I meet him. Black. Tall, handsome, godlike. The man harbors sinister secrets and lives by his own set of rules—rules I can't begin to comprehend. One minute, he seems to want to save me. The next, I swear he's going to bury me six-foot under. Why can't he just tell me what's really going on?
While searching for my sister's killer in a seedy part of Glasgow, I discover nothing about my life is what it seems. Family secrets, betrayal. Emotions running hot, I make some seriously bad choices. And with the heart of Scotland becoming a paranormal battlefield, I have to wonder.... When did staying alive get so damn hard?

 About the Author

L A Wild is an urban fantasy novelist who is the creator and writer behind the Dark Series. First book, Chance the Darkness, to be released on the 20th November 2014.
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Early 2015 
Book Two of The Dark Series
Chase The Darkness


  1. Awesome. I'm reading chance the darkness now and already can't wait to read chase the darkness!

    1. Glad you are enjoying the book! Thanks for stopping by... :)