The Winter King by C.L. Wilson

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July 29, 2014
Wynter Atrialan, the Winter King, once lived in peace with his southern, Summerlander neighbors, but when the prince of Summerlea steals Wynter’s bride and murders his young brother, Wynter calls upon a dangerous Wintercraig magic called the Ice Heart and marches against Summerlea.

After three bitter years of battle, a victorious Wynter arrives at Summerlea’s royal palace to issue his terms of surrender. The prince of Summerlea stole Wynter’s bride and slew Wynter’s Heir. He wants the loss replaced. The Ice Heart is consuming him. Wynter hopes holding his own child in his arms will rekindle the warmth in his heart before he becomes the monster of Wintercraig legend, the Ice King.

The Summer King has three very precious daughters whom he loves dearly. Wynter will take one of them to wife. She will have one year to provide him with an Heir. If she fails, he will send her to face the mercy of the mountains and claim another princess for his wife. And so it will continue until Wynter has his Heir or the Summer King is out of daughters.

The plan is perfect—except for one small detail. The Summer King has a fourth daughter. One of whom he is not so fond. And she is a fiercely passionate creature, with a temper as volatile as the forces of her weathergift, the power of storms.
4 stars****
This is a book for those who like to dive into something lengthy! 600 pages... whew!
I was so happy to see a new book out by C.L. Wilson. I am a huge fan of her Tairen Soul Series. Even though I would "love" to re-visit the Tairen world again (hint hint)... this story gives us something new and different in the world of fantasy/romance. It was a good, solid read and really shows off the creative mind of the author.
This book is NOT for anyone who does not like to read lengthy books with lots of detail and descriptions. I enjoy that but I know some people do not have the patience for it... so just FYI.
I wasn't a huge fan of Wynter in the beginning but he kind of grew on me as the story progressed. I found Khamsin's character to be much more appealing and her powers were very cool.
Wynter and Khamsin were a perfect fit together as a couple and they had uncontrollable sexual chemistry! And, if you stick with them till the end you will see exactly why they fit so well together.
This is a long book so I won't bore you with a long and lengthy summary. The blurb does a pretty good job of presenting what the overall story is about. I will say that this is a book for those who like a little more "substance" to their stories. Well developed characters, engaging with lots of attention to detail.

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