Full Circle by O.C. Shaw (Lily's story #2)

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Admittedly, misery is a somewhat extreme dieting technique, and everything I read assures me I am likely to puff up like a blood-bloated tick the second I start eating normally again, but hey, I’m willing to take my pleasure where I can find it.

Still emotionally reeling from the cluster bomb fate decided to throw at her love life, Lily is finally shown a lifeline when her book is accepted for publication.
Cast into an unfamiliar world following the novel’s success, Lily knows she has almost everything she could ever want – except love.

Why can’t I move on, Annie?

Still haunted by dreams of her abusive husband and her dishonest lover, Lily longs to move forward and learn to love and trust again, but karma still has some surprises in store.

Karma’s a bitch, and you can expect at some point she will come back to bite you.

As her old life blends with new, Lily faces yet more choices in her quest to find her happy-ever-after.

Full Circle concludes Lily's Story, which started in What goes around comes around, and is recommended for readers aged 18+
4 stars****
This is not a stand alone book... you must begin with book one... What Goes Around Comes Around!  Click HERE to read my review of book one!
If you are a fan of stories that revolve around mature/older women then this little duet is a good choice. I love the character of Lily. She is clumsy, witty, endearing and the kind of character that I find easy to connect with.
I was already invested in this story after book one (which I personally loved) and I just had to see how things turned out for her after the emotional and painful events that occurred in the first installment. Book two is a little more upbeat as Lily finally gets her big break as an author and begins the arduous task of picking up the pieces of her shattered love life and tries to move forward. She spends a lot of time crossing over to the good ole' USA to promote her book which is being made into a movie. Lily trying to fit in to the LA scene was very amusing. She also meets an attractive screen writer named Tony who is drawn to her unique personality. A chance for her to find love again??? hhmmmm... maybe...
There were some really funny moments in this book... my favorite being the moment she meets the real Rob Lowe. I was literally laughing out loud at her reaction to seeing him. And, I think ole' Rob was a bit confused as well. I gotta' be honest... that one scene made the book for me... loved! It brought me back to my own "I heart Rob Lowe" days... :)
A long list of wonderful supporting characters makes this story even more enjoyable... from the British maid in America with her hidden tea stash to the loving and devoted friends she has back home. They were an added bonus to this story overall. EXCEPT I was disappointed that they were drinking Tetley Tea and not Yorkshire Tea. This little American gal is a Yorkshire tea fanatic! Sorry... just had to get that in there... :)
I would love to see this author tackle more romantic humor type novels... she has a talent for it for sure.
There were a few events at the end that I felt were a bit rushed and I think I would've liked a little more fight from Tony... but aside from that I really enjoyed Lily's journey as a whole. I think that this is an author to keep an eye on. I would happily read more of her work. This book completes Lily's story but there is room for it to grow if she wanted it too. Perhaps we will see more again some day.
This series it titled well... "What Goes Around Comes Around" rings true for many of the characters and yes.. Lily does come "Full Circle".

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a review

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