Jagged by Kristen Ashley (K's Review)

3 stars***
I read this as a stand alone because I haven't had a chance to read the earlier books in this particular KA series... but they are on my list! I had no trouble reading this as a stand alone but at the same time I wish I had started with the earlier books because maybe I would have loved this one instead of just liked.  It felt like something was missing...   
I did not like the pet name "Ham" for the lead man.  It just seemed like a strange choice for a pet name.  I personally had a lot of trouble understanding his slang talk... I had to go back and re-read several times to try to decipher what he was saying. This is obviously a language I'm not familiar with... LOL.
The story itself is pretty good... it did feel very familiar, however, to the motorcycle characters I've read in prior books so I didn't feel like I was getting something different or unique, just more of the same.  But more of the same from KA is not a bad thing...  we always get a good story from her even if it does seem to follow the same formula.   
KA is a very talented author and I have decided that I need to sit down and have a KA marathon and pull out some of her earlier books.  She has a way of injecting her personality into her books that is very entertaining and pleasing to us ladies who are "ahem" older!   
This book will either highly please or slightly disappoint depending on what you are expecting... 

ARC provided by Forever publishing via netgalley.
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