Bliss by Hilary Fields

After reading the cover write up of Bliss how could I not want to read this? Crazy Aunt, drunken naked @$$ skidding, and a back room filled with naughty items. What a combo!

This is definitely a book for us older gals. As these are people in their mid to late thirties beginning a second chapter, so to speak. I found the story to be loveable and quirky. Serafina was a wild mess, and seeing her character grow and realize that one day at a time is a good thing.

Sexy Asher was everything a leading man should be: strong, and suave with a sense of purpose and stability.

The Back Room Bitches had me laughing out loud. Wild antics and a sisterhood of love and understanding is always a joy to read.

Okay…now the thorn in my side. The inner dialogue was sooooo darn loooooonnnnnng! I hate it when this happens. I really loved this book. But the over the top inner dialogue had me skim reading to get to the conversation. Whenever I have to back up to remind myself what the question or what the response was for it means you took too long! UGH. Due to this Bliss moves from a 4 star review down to a three.

All in all a great story of friends, family, new beginnings and letting the past go.

From the cover…..

Nothing says "oops" like your naked ass skidding in the salmon mousse...

A year ago, pastry chef Serafina Wilde's seemingly perfect life fell to pieces. So now, when her eccentric Aunt Pauline calls from Santa Fe needing her help, Sera jumps at the chance to start over. Pauline even offers to let her take over the family business, "Pauline's House of Passion," and turn it into a bakery... provided she agrees not to ditch the "back room." Cupcakes and sex toys don't exactly mix but Sera is willing to try, and what she finds in the beautiful City Different is the best life has to offer --- if she has the courage to go for it.

*Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Release date November 19, 2013

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