A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers (K's Review)

4 stars****

This review is a little spoilery... it's too hard for me to review it otherwise. So, you've been warned!
I'm still very conflicted about the ending of this book... but if you asked me if I would recommend it the answer would be... Absolutely!! But only because I fell in love with Alessandro and I know the second book is devoted to him. He was a great character with an appealing back story. I was mostly disappointed with the ending because I needed more than an email exchange for closure! Much more! And, I personally felt that Lexie made the wrong choice. It ended abruptly with a few unnecessary sex scenes that just seemed to be included as filler and not enough time was spent on the emotional impact of their final decisions.
Here is how the book went for me...
Kind of a slow beginning... and then, out of the blue and unexpected event happens with her step brother Trent. It's not really a "forbidden" relationship... they are not in any way blood related. So, I didn't find the whole attraction they had for each other shocking. It felt very natural for them to be drawn to each other.
A few days later she's off to study in Rome for a year and meets Alessandro. The majority of the book is about their relationship while she is in Rome. Once again... not really a "forbidden" relationship. He's ALMOST a priest and the only lines that were crossed were due to his own doubts and were also very natural considering the decision he was making. We only get Trent through text messages and during an uneventful one trip home for Christmas break. So, because I really had no opportunity to get up close and personal with Trent, I simply was not invested in that relationship. I wanted Alessandro! But, perhaps we will get his happily ever after in book two. I am definitely game for more of this guy.
The best part of this book is Rome and Lexie's time there... partly because I have been to Rome and the Vatican and it brought back the same emotions I felt when I was there. It is simply awe inspiring. I related to her love for the art and the atmosphere. In fact, I would have been happy if the entire story had only been about Alessandro and her trip to Rome. Trent is also a great guy at the end of the day but unfortunately Alessandro (IMHO) outdid him in every way. Lexie... you are such a dumb bunny! There... I said it...
I honestly kept flip flopping between a 3 or a 4 rating but decided that since I really only had an issue with the ending then it was worthy of a 4. I did enjoy most of the book. Anyway, there is my emotional, conflicted and lop sided opinion!

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