Lingerie Wars by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Lingerie Wars (Invertary #1)

5 Stars for the Scots...  and 5 more for the English :))***** 
What a pleasant surprise this book turned out to be. I really, really, loved it. It's definitely going on my favorites list!
Now, this book already had an unfair advantage... because I love Scotland and enjoy most books with Scotland as a setting. And, this story did not disappoint... not at all.
Invertary is at war... a lingerie war... It's the English vs. the Scots!! Battle of the Bras!! Knit or DIE or just Sod-off already... just a few funnies from this fun, laugh out loud, romantic comedy.
And the star of this book is... drumroll.... BETTY!!! The little old lady who looks like a hobbit and takes her war waging seriously. This little old lady had me grinning and giggling... such a wonderful, well written character.
And then we have the Knit or Die knitting group. This little group of ladies have skills. But, if you are in need of secret surveillance you might want to check their references!
Then, of course, we have Kirsty and Lake. Lake, also known as Double-O, arrives in town in an effort to save his failing lingerie store he purchased for his sister. Kirsty, who owns the lingerie shop across the street, is trying to put her life back together after surviving a terrible car crash that ended her career as a lingerie model. Trouble is... Invertary is not big enough for the both of them. So begins the war! But, this ends up being more than a battle of underwear and bras. It also becomes a battle of emotions as feelings of passion and love slowly creep into the picture. Kirsty has emotional scars to go along with her real ones... and Lake might just be the medicine she needs to finally move past them.
There is also a lovely secondary romance between Lake's sister Rainne and a boy named Alistair. I enjoyed their story as well. And, I have a feeling we'll be seeing these two characters again later in the series.
This is a humorous read with colorful, engaging characters all wrapped up in a nice little slow moving romance. There is a fair amount of sexual tension in this story as well which I sometimes prefer... I love watching a romance come to life slowly.
Fans of romantic humor will not want to pass this one up... I highly recommend!!

ARC provided by netgalley in exchange for a review.

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