Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes by Nancy Naigle

Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes

3 sweet little stars ***
The best phrase I can think of to describe this book is "short and sweet". If you're looking for a romance that is PG rated and a quick read for a lazy afternoon...then this is probably an okay choice. I like any kind of romance as long as the story is well written and engaging and I thought this one did pretty good on both accounts.
I think what I liked mostly about this story were the sentimental moments we share with Carolanne when she is remembering her mom. Very touching... I also loved the meddling grandmothers who are forever trying to play matchmaker... even from the grave. Yes, one grandma left a video message of her matchmaking choice for Carolanne... thanks grandma!
This story is full of very likable characters. I love the fun and easygoing relationship that Carolanne has with Connor. It was very sweet...
The only thing I think this story really lacked was depth... the story was a little too fast paced. When a story reads too quickly then it doesn't allow you an opportunity to truly connect to the characters on an emotional level. And, I'm not quite sure I understood completely why the young woman was killed. The murder mystery definitely needed more development.
Overall, this book will probably appeal to someone looking for an easy romance and a bit of light reading... something you can finish in one day.

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