On Every Street by Karina Halle (The Artists Trilogy 0.5)

On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy, #0.5)

4 stars****
***This is just a wee bit spoilery***
**updated review**

I've been thinking on this and have decided to add that this novella is best read BEFORE Sins and Needles #1. Based on other reviews it seems that if you've already read book one then this one seems a little redundant. But, if you are curious as to whether or not you will like this series then you should read this novella first. It sets a good foundation for the series itself. And, Sins and Needles #1 is one of my favs... can't wait for book two! I also decided I rated this based on my dislike of Javier which now that I think about it probably was a little silly considering that he is being set up to be the bad guy. So, I raised my rating to 4 instead of a two.
Because I had already read book one... I didn't really learn anything new by reading this novella. Felt like a review of things I already knew about this relationship. I mean I know we learn more details but found that I really wasn't interested in knowing about her little romance with Javier because her real love is waiting for her in the future. But, this book gives us some insight on the naïve Ellie... you know the I'm young and I make stupid mistakes Ellie.
Ellie had nothing to compare too since this was her first relationship... but, there were times I really wanted to reach into the book and shake some sense into her naïve little brain.
Javier is not a character that I can ever relate to on a romantic level. He says he loves her but then he makes their first time together horrific. Is that your idea of making a girl's first time memorable Javier?? I literally hated Javier after that. Were we supposed to think that was kinky?? He was not gentle... he hurt her... it was not okay. I wanted to punch him right in the nose. I guess we were supposed to excuse what he did because he sprinkled a few rose petals around... ummmm... no! It boggled my mind because the first time does not have to hurt... he could've made it enjoyable for her but he purposely hurt her and enjoyed it! And then he tosses her some pain medicine. Gee thanks... what a guy! arrghhhh
The most aggravating part for me was that I could see Ellie enduring this awful relationship if it was in the name of revenge BUT she decided to endure this in the name of LOVE. again... arrghhhhhhh
At least she finally came to her senses by the end of the book. But, too little too late right?? Ellie makes so many bad choices as we continue learn in book one but this one takes the cake!

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T's Review of On Every Street

Good googly goodness! I am a stuttering fool after reading this. Firstly I need to say I have not read Sins and Needles. So this is my first look into the Artist Trilogy world. On Every Street is a prequel that has come out AFTER book one was released. So many have their own opinions before going in and have rated according to those feelings and opinions.

I however am blown away. Javier had me at “I think you’ll look back in a few years and you’ll know what I know.” Such a foretelling of what was to come. Turning points, choices and decisions. His brutal honestly while wrapped in lies made me want to love him and believe Eden/Ellie is his angel with dirty wings. I wanted redemption for both of them.

Romance and fantasy aside Javier is part of a cartel. He is no angel. No savior. I think that is very much proven the first time they are together. That wasn’t an act of love. But what grew most defiantly was. For both of them.

Karina Halle writes beautifully and I was so engrossed in her world that when the ending events happen I felt shattered and shocked. I tend to believe in the fairy tale. Well dang it all my wings just got crushed right along with Eden’s.

On Every Street is fast paced, exciting, gritty and captivating. On to Sins and Needles.

4 Stars for giving me heart palpitations! Why!? Just why?!  
Sigh……. . in need of chocolate.


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