Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover (Slammed #2)

Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2)

5 stars*****
I didn't think there was any way that book two could be better than book one... but it was... It butterflying was!

One of the most beautiful quotes I've ever read:

“If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul. But I would leave that window shut and locked, so that every time you tried to look through it all you would see is your own reflection. You would see that my soul is a reflection of you.”

There are a few things I'm definitely going to do after reading this book...

First, I'm going to start working on my origami stars... because ALL of us needs to have a vase full of those.
Second, I'm going to find a way to clone Will times three... so that each of my daughters can have one and because he would definitely be the best son in law ever.
Third, I'm also going to clone GrandPaul because we all want a grandparent who twits and plays video games.
And lastly, I want a little girl named Kiersten to move next door so I can have a reason to smile every day and so my daughter of almost the same age can have a NEW best friend. :)

Love this book... Love the poetry... Love the characters... what more can I say?? Except that I can't wait to read the next book... 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Point of Retreat
 T's mini review and thoughts

We pick up a year after Slammed ended. Will and Layken are tested when an old flame from wills past shows up. I thought of this as more of a test in maturity and lessons to learn. A jar full of stars make all the difference with these two.

We are treated to newest addition to their made family with Kiersten. I wsh this 10 year old lived next door to me.  Words of wisdom abound in book two as well.

“Sometimes things happen in life that you didn’t plan for. All you can do is suck it up and start mapping out a new plan.”

“A guy can tell a girl he's in love with her until he's blue in the face. Words don't mean anything to a woman when her head’s full of doubt. You have to show her.”

“Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest things in the world to hold on to, and one of the easiest things to throw away.”

Tears, laughs and lessons for life. A must read.

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