Taken by Kelli Maine

  Taken by Kelli Maine

A big eye rolling ONE star for this one... 

I always like to find something positive about most books even when I don't like them... but this time there is simply nothing at all that comes to mind. There are only two things that I remotely liked... the cover... and the "idea" of the story.
The cover does draw you in BUT it is a bit misleading... the cover makes you think that this book could possibly be about a woman who is being held captive in a dominant/submissive way. But, it's not that at all... not even close. I think that some people will be disappointed in this book if that is what they are looking for.
The idea of the story is good but it is quite simply just very badly executed and written. It is written in the most annoying POV I've ever experienced and it was very distracting.
There was not a single moment where I felt even remotely attached to either of these characters... probably one of my least favorite male characters... ever.
Here are just a few things that annoyed me:
Man drugs and kidnaps woman because he wants to give her her lifelong dream??? Seriously???
Kidnapper billionaire couldn't figure out how to get said woman to willingly come to a place that she WANTS to go to anyway... so he felt compelled to kidnap her against her will??? Dude... ever heard of "hello"???
The ENTIRE story is wrapped around the idea of her not being able to trust him because of what he did but she feels absolutely okay with performing sexual acts FOR this man because as long as they don't do "it" and as long as she doesn't allow him to touch her then it's not sex. Are we in high school??? Can we say biggest TEASE ever??? I am not a fan of the female tease or game player.
He builds her a tree house??? Stupidest thing ever... it's their private love nest. My eyes nearly got stuck in the permanent eye rolling position.
Well... there you have it... there is more, much more that annoyed me but I think you get the point.
At least the book was short... it would've sucked to have lost any more of my life than I already had...

Sadly...  I am considering reading the sequel...  it's kind of like passing a train wreck...  you know it's gonna' be bad but you look anyway! 


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