Sookie countdown #10... Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

                                                         Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse, #10)

Book ten in the Sookie Stackhouse series is the installment that left me thinking that maybe it was time to begin wrapping up Sookie's story .  It felt very clinical and it was a very short 311 pages long.  Book nine had ended in a way that I was actually ready for Sookie to find her Happily Ever After...  she had  been through enough.  But, instead of wrapping this story up we get another book of the same 'ole drama and no real closure in sight... 

In this installment Sookie is slowly recovering from her unfortunate traumatic encounters with the evil fae...  and the beginning of this book was the only part that really tied me in emotionally.  Eric redeems himself and actually does something out of character...  he cries.  Sookie has recurring nightmares and is still in physical pain from her torture.  Eric is struggling with the fact that she is suffering.   This is the book where we finally begin to "believe" that he actually does love her.   And, wouldn't it have been nice to have had our romance we had all been sort of waiting for between our hunky gorgeous Viking and Sookie.  But, Eric and Sookie only have a few moments of intimacy in this book and their romance unfortunately had to take a quick back seat upon the arrival of Eric's maker.  There is really only one word to describe Eric's maker...  creep.  And, he brings along his new son who unfortunately is huge "pain in the neck". 

We get to spend a lot of time with Claude, Sookie's fae cousin, in this book...  Pam describes Claude perfectly with this comment:

"Claude, the mouthwateringly beautiful asshole?"  (Yes, that's Claude!)  haha...  I love Pam

Sookie spends time with her little five yr old cousin who was the son of her cousin Hadley and he seems to have inherited Sookies' unfortunate disability.  Sookie is anxious to mentor him and help his dad cope and manage his mind reading gift. 
We also meet Bill's vampire sister who arrives to help fix our poor ailing Bill. 

In a nutshell...  we have Werewolf drama...  vampire drama...  fae drama...  and Sookie just always seems to be in the middle of it all...  and it was all wrapped up very quickly in a nice tidy ending.

 And, I was feeling well...  shorted... 

Hhmmmmm...  we'll just have to see how all of this really wraps up.  Two more re-reads to go!  Next on the list is Dead Reckoning...  stay tuned!


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