Exposed by Laura Griffin Tracers Series

I discovered the Tracers series by Laura Griffin a few years ago and just like any great series, once I read the first I couldn’t stop till I had read them all. Now not only do I have them on my ipad and Kindle. I also have them in paperback. So just image my fan girl moment when KT Book Reviews contacted Laura Griffin and not only did she respond to us, she also supplied us with an autographed advance copy of Exposed for review. GAH!!!! (K can imagine it as I was on the phone with her at the time and scared the crap out of her with my fan girl gasp! *giggle*) 

If you haven’t read the Tracers series it is a collection of books centered around The Delphi Center, a state of the art forensic lab. After the murder of Vanessa Haley Jones, a Texas heiress, by a man if not for the time it took to run DNA, should have been in jail long ago. Her mother donates her mass wealth to create a private facility used to solve crimes.  Cutting red tape and helping to solve cases before it is too late for someone else.

Each story features a different agent or investigator solving a crime with the help of Delphi. There is always a romance playing as a back-story. Swoon worthy men and kick ass women. Great chemistry on paper can be hard to portray and Laura Griffin does an amazing job of keeping the right balance. Sexy, smart and heavy on the suspense.

EXPOSED is no exception and in my opinion is her best book in the series so far.

When Maddie Calllahan, a forensics photographer, unknowingly puts herself in danger FBI agent Brian Beckmann steps in to keep her safe. Working together with the help of the Delphi team, they try to find a kidnapped victim before it’s too late. The conversation is smart and the chemistry between these two is combustible. 

From the cover.......

With the click of her camera, Maddie Callahan inadvertently added herself to the hit list of a criminal mastermind the FBI’s been investigating for months. Agent Brian Beckmann is determined to protect the sexy photographer, but she may be his only lead.

As a forensic photographer, Maddie is used to seeing violence up close, but she’s never before been a target. When a freelance photo shoot goes awry, she realizes she may have seen, and perhaps photographed, the kidnapping of a key witness in a federal probe. And although her camera was stolen, Maddie has something that could be even more valuable to investigators. With the help of her colleagues at the Tracers crime lab, Maddie uncovers DNA evidence that provides a desperately needed break in the case.

Although Brian is reluctant to involve Maddie, she’s determined to help with the investigation and the two set out to track a vicious criminal known as The Doctor, whose far-reaching violence has led to multiple deaths. But as the task force gets closer to catching the deadly Doctor, Maddie is in more danger than ever.



Release date June 25, 2013
ARC given by Laura Griffin

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