Death in Door County by Rosalind Burgess, Patricia Obermeier Neuman

Death in Door CountyWhen meeting an old friend for coffee and a chat do you think to yourself “Wow I really miss them. Why do we wait so long to catch up?” That is exactly how I feel every time I read a Kit & Val Mystery. Like I just sat down for a hilarious chat over coffee and cake followed by wine and chocolate.

These girls are a hilarious mix of Laural and Hardey with a dash of Evanovich sprinkled with Cagney & Lacey. Comedy, love and mystery a brilliant combination. Death in Door County is the third installment in the series and each book just gets better than the last.

This time round we find out selves with Val’s mom mixed in a geriatric murder mystery. Of course no one else sees it but Val and her bestie Kit. Add in Val’s daughter and a new relationship Val’s mom has entered into misunderstanding and wit combines to make a fantastic read.

From the cover…….
In this third book of The Val & Kit Mystery Series, Val embarks on a Mother’s Day visit to her mom in Door County, Wisconsin, a peninsula filled with artists, lighthouses, and natural beauty. Her daughter, Emily, has arrived from L.A. to accompany her, and at the last minute her best friend, Kit, invites herself along. Val and Kit have barely unpacked their suitcases when trouble and tension greet them, in the form of death and a disturbing secret they unwittingly brought with them. As they get to know the locals, things take a sinister turn. And when they suspect someone close to them might be involved in blackmail—or worse—Val and Kit do what they do best: they take matters into their own hands in their obsessive, often zany, quest to uncover the truth.

Perfect reading for an afternoon as the story is light and leaves the reader smiling.

My highlights of Death in Door County……

Gladys = LOL’s too funny!
Tom = Sigh….. so want a Val and Tom drunken night…..  (((smirky grin)))
Cat ladies and slow drivers!

5 STARS for book three!

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  1. Hey! Roz and Patty here. We love the wonderful review, of course, but we MOSTLY love that you really, really "get" us -- and Val & Kit. And we really, really appreciate that! THANK YOU!