Sookie Countdown #1... Dead Until Dark

                                                           Dead until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse, #1)

Okay...  let the countdown begin!  The final Sookie Stackhouse book comes out May 7th, 2013.  So, we're re-reading and reviewing all of the books in this series to get ready for the big finale.  If you've been following this series there is no secret to the fact that there is some controversy over who we want Sookie to end up with at the end of this series.  And, I won't lie...  a big part of me wants her to end up with Eric.  But, now that I've finished re-reading book one...  and I hate to admit this...  it seems that C. Harris in my opinion has set this up all along for her to end up with Sam.  The reason I say this is because she has a conversation with Bill in which he asked her to go to Sam if things didn't work out between them.  And, Sam does love her.  Now, that is just my prediction...  whether or not it will happen is of course up to the author herself.  Will this please the fans...  probably not.  Most of us think Sam is kind of boring and he certainly doesn't measure up to the hotness of the viking!  I for one think that I would be okay with it though...  Sookie deserves some peace and maybe boring is just the recipe she needs to be happy and content. 
I enjoyed my quick re-read of Dead Until Dark...  I actually had forgotten how much I enjoyed this quirky little vampire series.  Now, book one is not my favorite book in this series simply because I DO NOT LIKE BILL.  He is creepy...  and not just vampire creepy... just mysterious and weird creepy.  I've never liked him and that would be my biggest disappointment if she ended up with him at the end of the series.  Don't do it Charlaine...  Don't do it!!  Anyone but him... 
Book one is the book where we get introduced to Sookie and her "disability"...  she reads minds... and we meet her brother Jason the playboy.  We meet Sam who is the owner of Merlotte's and who happens to be a shape shifter.  There is a mystery surrounding the town of Bon Temps where they all live as women are being murdered.  We also meet Eric and Pam for the first time when Sookie ends up using her disability to help Eric.   Of course, by the end of the book the mystery is solved...  Sookie gets all beat up (this happens to Sookie a lot I'm afraid)... and we're left with a pining curiosity over Sookie's sudden abundance of "love" options.   All of this is a nice set up for the many adventures Sookie will be having as she gets more involved with the vampires as the series progresses. 

My favorite tidbits from book one are (spoiler alert):

~Eric and his obvious interest in Sookie when they meet at Fangtasia...  he was wearing blue jeans, boots, and a vest...  and that was all.  And let's not forget the long golden hair...  swoon! 

~Bubba...  LOL...  yes, Elvis is a vampire...  and he didn't turn out right...  and he likes cats...  that's not good news for the cats however. 

~Sookie waking up to learn that the dog who curled up in her bed with her the night before is now a naked Sam...  haha...  kind of a crash course in Sookie finding out he was a shape shifter. 

~Eric sending Sookie an awkward red flower when she was in the hospital...  that resembled a vagina...  typical Eric move.

~Eric sneaking a check-up on Sookie by flying outside her hospital window and giving her a smile and then he flies away.

If you notice...  none of my favorite moments include Bill...  I'm sorry...  I just don't like the guy!  Thank heavens it's just fiction... 

Now it's time for me to move on to my re-read of Book two which is titled...  Living Dead in Dallas.   Review to come in a few days! 


Click HERE for my review of Living Dead in Dallas...


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