Reclaimed Surrender by Riley Murphy

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Reclaimed SurrenderOk WOW. Firstly I must tell you this is the first "BDSM" book I have read in which the main characters are a married couple. They have hit a rough patch and are trying to rebuild what they have lost. Most of what I have read in this genre is the virgin/sex trade storyline. Which, I must say, I am sooooo over.

I found this to be a loving couple fighting to stay together in their own way. Theirs may not be the typical marriage but it works for them. Everyone has their kinks and these two defiantly do. What can I say….. I liked it. Well done Mrs. Murphy :)

From the cover
Things take a sizzling turn when Rene Tanner finds himself neck-deep in marital unbliss. He's fully prepared to do whatever it takes to reclaim his wife's surrender. The way he sees it? He's been putting her on a pedestal when all she really wanted-needed-was for Rene to put her on her knees. Alexis Tanner has felt alone and unfulfilled for quite a while. So when her marriage counselor suggests a week of "As You Wish" therapy, she's expecting to be wooed with chocolates and flowers. Instead she winds up in leather restraints and a silver collar. Now she must surrender to her darkest desires-or be forced to let Rene go forever.

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