Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bites Magic Burns Magic Strikes Magic Bleeds Magic Slays

Welcome to the world of Kate Daniels. Once I read book one I could not stop till I had devoured them all. I began this series in an attempt to take a break from all the over sexualized books I had found myself submerged in. After perusing Goodreads and a few blogs I came across the husband and wife writing team know as Ilona Andrews.

Book one has a lot of world building and getting to know the cast of characters. It centers on magical mercenary Kate Daniels. She works in a deformed Atlanta as part of a group that keeps the magical beings in check. This is a gritty urban fantasy series. Not a very pretty world. But, if you push through all the world building in book one, Magic Bites, you are going to fall in love with this series.

Have no fear there is a love interest, Curran……. ROAR  (((giggle)))
The games they play are hilarious. I love the entire cat and mouse thing they have going on. However their love story is very much in the background. It adds to the story in the latter books but is not the center of the story. Strengthens not detracts I would say.

Supporting characters’ are great. A few spin offs /novellas have been written. They too add to the story. I really dislike it when an author tries to add too many side stories. It can sometimes take away and leave the reader feeling a bit overwhelmed. Not with these guys.They are simply perfection!

The next installment in the Magic series, Magic Rises (Kate Daniels #6) will be released July 2013.


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