Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)            Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2)         Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades, #3)

I'll admit it... I loved these books. But when I try to understand why... the answer is... well... vague. I really had to think about it because the story is very ridiculous in some respects but powerful in others. My issues? Well, the timing of this romance is way off... I mean no one can change this quickly, and Christian did a total 180 in a very short period of time. Sure, a person can make a significant impact on your life but rarely does it happen this fast! This story could have been greatly improved with a more realistic pacing of the development of his relationship with Anna. Christian Grey's character was also a bit over the top in his controlling of Anna.  At times it was really monotonous and caused an eye roll or two.   I also had a BIG issue with the idea that a virgin can become some kind of sexual goddess in a period of six weeks... uummmmmm... no!
What did I love? Well, the email banter was a hoot. I laughed a lot during those exchanges and had to go back and re-read them a second time. I also love that this book does somehow awaken the senses and a level of curiosity you might not have thought you ever had. Hey, it might even help improve a marriage or two! (wink wink)
The sex is hot... yes maam'... some people like these books only for the book candy. But I liked it for a completely different reason. I loved being a part of Christian's journey towards finding his way to becoming a real man and opening himself up to something real. By the end of book three I found myself really rooting for him.
I was actually kind of proud of this author for touching on a very tabboo subject... the female pedophile. We sometimes like to toss up the idea that young boys cannot be traumatized by the idea of being used in that way by a woman. But, they absolutely can and the results can be just as life changing. Christian was mesmerized by this woman and gave her far more credit than she deserved. Never have I despised a female character more! Needless to say I was giving Anna and also Christian's mom a high five in regards to their opinion of this woman as the story progressed.
I'll be the first to admit that this series is not greatly written. There are definitely areas where the author could have spent more time on character development and timing but there is something about these books that seems to grab you and suck you in. If you are curious about Erotica... give this series a go. They are curiously entertaining and great for an afternoon chat and discussion with the ladies when you're done. Go ahead... wake up your inner goddess! You know you want to...

Yep, just as Twilight kicked off the vampire craze. Fifty brought back the BDSM book everyone hate to love. Heck they are STILL on the best selling lists. Amazon, iTunes and the like. It's all kinda candy coated Christian Grey goodness. Will it win any prestigious writing awards? NO. Will it make you laugh, blush and giggle with your friends? HELL YES. Might even kick start a dry spell in the boudoir. So lighten up and RELEASE YOU INNER GODDESS! I loved it.

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