Blog Tour! Three Rivers by Chloe T Barlow

How do you start over when you gave everything to one life, one plan, and lost it all?
Althea refuses to allow herself to love again. Imprisoned in grief at twenty-four after her husband’s sudden death, she’s convinced her heart died along with him. She spends her days honoring his memory by clinging to the legal career he helped her to build and to the remaining pieces linking them together.
Griffen’s been running from his past. Despite success as an author and investigative journalist, he’s been traveling through life on autopilot. For a decade, he’s chosen perilous adventures and meaningless sex over the danger of any attachments. When he finally returns home to Pittsburgh, he’s slammed by the awakened memories and regret he’s spent years trying to escape.
A chance encounter brings them together. Their instant desire for each other – and the bond they discover between them – shocks them both. Despite her best efforts, Althea can’t resist Griffen’s charm or his intriguing proposition – if she agrees to a no-strings affair with him for the two weeks he’s in town, he swears he’ll walk away when their time is up. Assured she can test the waters of a new life while keeping her vow never to betray her husband’s memory by opening her heart to another, Althea throws herself into the escape Griffen provides her.
Their perfect plans go awry when the intensity of their connection overwhelms them. Will they risk it all on the chance of something great together…or will the power of their secrets and guilt tear them apart?

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"This is one helluva view." She turned and smiled at him shyly and she could see him swallow in response.
Damn, even his Adam's apple is sexy.
He stalked toward her, his blue eyes trained on her hazel ones, and she actually shivered. He just stood there in front of her and she could barely breathe. Underneath all his playfulness there was the hint of someone intense and only barely contained, and the combination was driving her deliciously crazy.
Finally, he placed his hands on her shoulders and she released a little gasp. He gently slid them down the bare skin of her arms and she leaned her head back revealing her neck more fully to him as her hair fell away from her. Griffen nuzzled his face in her neck so that his masculine scent surrounded her, while his strong, warm hands rubbed purposely up and down her arms causing her insides to ignite like a wildfire. He gently kissed her neck, then teasingly bit her shoulder, and it was as though an electric shock shot straight to her core and she could feel herself becoming wet already.
"Althea, you're incredible, you know that?" he asked as he moved his hands to her waist and pushed more fully against her, until his legs were snugly between her thighs and the cheeks of her ass were pressed against the cold glass. It was a stark contrast to the heat of his body and the intense warmth and wetness in her center. She imagined that if she pulled away there would be a steamy imprint of her back and ass against the glass and it made her feel beyond sexy.
They were already breathing heavily when he whispered, "Looking at you against this glass, the city behind you — now that is one helluva view," he groaned against her ear, licking and nibbling her earlobe until she had to lean her dizzy head back against the cool glass for some relief.

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   Chloe is a contemporary romance novelist and practicing attorney living in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and their sweet puppy. She is a native Washingtonian that graduated Duke University with a degree in English and Chinese language. She met her husband at Duke and he brought her to Pittsburgh over a decade ago, which she has loved ever since and made her adopted hometown. She also attended University of Pittsburgh Law School where she continued to be a book-loving nerd.
Chloe has always loved writing and although she does do it professionally as a lawyer, she cherishes the opportunity to craft her contemporary romances and share them with the world.
She is an avid romance fan and wrote her debut novel Three Rivers in her spare time. She continues her tireless legal style of research in her fiction work as well. For example, in an effort to bring authenticity to Three River’s treatment of grief and loss, she consulted with a psychologist and grief counselor during its preparation.
What has been your worst haircut/style?
I have crazy thick hair and lots of it (I mean, we’re talking use-a-quart-of-conditioner-without-blinking amount of hair). It really only works as a super short or really long. In high school I chopped it off in this cute edgy pixie I loved! Then I spent a semester of my senior year in high school in China and couldn’t get it cut right. It grew out like some sort of bizarre mullet version of the three stooges hair. I have pretty exclusively just done long hair ever since.
In O’s and X’s which do you normally pick?
X’s all the way
Bottle beer or draft?
If you could learn any language fluently what would it be?
French. Studying Chinese and living there twice was great, but I love France and wish I could speak more than just the basics I know.
What is your favorite board game?
I love Clue! I so want to do a grown up Clue dinner party where people have to dress up like the characters. I want to dress up as Miss Scarlet. She has the best outfit and what woman doesn’t want to be a femme fatale for a night?
What is your favorite movie?
Lady and the Tramp. I named our springer spaniel Lady, now I just need to rescue Tramp! Second place is The Thin Man.
Which song do you hate the most?
Tied between Celebration and YMCA. For our wedding I put those on the DO NOT PLAY list. I think some guests wanted to rebel against my tyrannical refual to abide by wedding music protocol, but, damn, those are awful!
Who is your celebrity crush?
I have been in love with Ewan McGregor since I was 15. I swear my husband looks like him. He tells me he doesn’t see it. Good thing, mine is the opinion that matters on that issue.
Can you do 10 revolutions of a hula hoop?
Oh dear Lord, no. I can barely do one, and its not a sight anyone wants to see. I am beyond uncoordinated. My friends, family and husband lovingly refer to me as “The Spaz.”
What’s the worst pick up line ever used on you?
I was a waitress at the main hangout restaurant my senior year at Duke. We had “big beer night” on Thursdays. It was great for tips but terrible for pick up lines. One guy said to me 4 times: “I’ll have a beer . . . and your number.” He would have asked more times I think, but he couldn’t handle any more big beers after that.

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Darkest Flame: Part 3 by Donna Grant


To be released on April 22nd... Click HERE to order! 
Click HERE for my review of part one!
Click HERE for my review of part two! 

4 stars****
Part three of a four part series... this is part of an on-going story and not a stand alone.

Denae and Kellan were taken by the Dark Fae in the last installment. The Dark Fae wasted no time in using her to try to get what they want out of Kellan. The leader of the Dark Fae has his eyes set on claiming Denae for himself. I think he might have a bit of a fight on his hands! Not smart to mess with a Dragon Kings woman! :) I do love this couple... and am curious if there is a hidden talent to Denae. It seems she has abilities a human shouldn't have.
There is one more installment that will be released in a week and then there will be a book available where you can get all four installments at once. Even though I am enjoying this story it is hard to have to keep re-connecting in between installments. So, I would recommend waiting for the book to be released so you don't have to do it the hard way like I did. :)
Okay... one more to go! Can't wait to see how this ends...

ARC provided by St. Martin's Press

In Darkest Flame by Donna Grant, the Dark Kings have fought for centuries to preserve their dragon magic. But one of the most powerful warriors of his kind will be put to the ultimate test. Is he strong enough to resist his greatest temptations? Or will he be forced to surrender—body and soul? HER BEAUTY IS A WEAPON.Denae Lacroix is a beautiful MI5 agent on a deadly mission. Sent to the Scottish Highlands to spy on the mysterious Dreagan Industries, she discovers too late that she’s been set up—as human bait. She is an irresistible lure for a man who has not seen or touched a woman for centuries. He is a man with a destiny—and a desire—that could destroy them both…HIS PASSION IS A CURSE…It’s been twelve hundred years since Kellan has walked among humans—and there’s no denying the erotically charged attraction he feels for Denae. But as a Dragon King, he is sworn to protect his secrets. Yet the closer he gets to this smart, ravishing woman, the more her life is in danger. All it takes is one reckless kiss to unleash a flood of desire, the fury of dragons…and the fiercest enemy of all.

Crave The Night (Midnight Breed #12) by Lara Adrian

Nathan: A killing machine who’s just been thrown for a loop when he is kissed by the beautiful Jordana. Never in his wildest dreams did he think a woman of such worth would ever see in him more than the animal he was raised and trained to be. It’s a shock to him in every possible. Feeling something more than rage or lust or even his primary urges to feed have Nathan unfocused and his unit/team is taking notice.

Jordana: Daughter to the social elite and pretty much betrothed from birth is feeling the need to run, break free and fall just so she can feel the impact. Nathan is bringing out a side to her she has never felt before. A need to rebel, to move out on her own, and make decisions for herself.

These two coming together is combustible and when outside hidden forces conspire to harm Jordana, Nathan will stop at nothing to keep her safe - even allowing himself to put his team second and his feelings for Jordana first.

It’s a great read and I was page turning at break neck speed.
4 Stars

*Given via Netgalley in exchange for review

Born and raised to be an emotionless killing machine, Nathan is one of the most lethal Breed vampires in existence. A key member of the Order—an elite group of warriors charged with protecting both mortals and vampires—Nathan executes each mission with flawless precision and a total lack of mercy. Now he must pursue a powerful, hidden enemy. But Nathan’s hard discipline and training are no match for the fierce pull he feels toward a young woman he has no right to desire—a woman of wealth and high social standing who has long been promised to another Breed male, and who may also prove to be the key to rooting out Nathan’s elusive quarry.

Jordana lives a life of glittering privilege as a member of a prominent Breed family in Boston. Surrounded by fine things and fawning admirers, Jordana wants for nothing—until she crosses paths with a dark, intense warrior from the Order and finds herself swept into an impulsive, sizzling kiss that neither of them will forget. As much as she tries to deny her deep feelings for Nathan, Jordana cannot resist the craving to be near him, to break through his forbidding walls and see the man he truly is. But getting close to Nathan will thrust Jordana into a treacherous new world, forcing her to risk all she has and all she knows about herself and her past. And loving this seductive man could be the most dangerous temptation of all

Dark Heat by Donna Grant


4 stars****

This story originally came out in three novellas and this book is a way to get them all at once. And, the author has added a bonus story... so, that makes this book a bit longer than most but at least you get the whole thing! :)
Each of these novellas is about a Dragon King and the woman they fall in love with. I won't go into detail about each one... the blurb pretty much says it all.
I highly recommend that you read this book before reading the new novellas/book coming out soon called Darkest Flame. I'm currently reading those novellas as they are released and there are gaps and places where I felt like I was missing out on something that had already happened. Which is why I stopped to read this... :)
Because these are all short stories things can seem a bit rushed and there is not as much attention to detail which makes these fast and easy reads. I really like all of these characters and it was fun watching these powerful dragon kings succumb to love. Especially when they didn't think it was possible.
So, if you're into hot, steamy, strong and powerful Dragon shifters I highly recommend this series... I enjoyed it...

ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press

The Dark Kings are sworn to defend an ancient legacy of dragon magic. But their fiercest challenge lies in the modern world, where a woman’s love conquers all. These are their stories.

This book contains the first 3 Dark Kings prequels + a bonus story, "Passion's Claim":

"Dark Craving"

Fueled by ancient magic—and enflamed by human desire—the Dragon King known as Hal can transform himself at will into one of the legendary winged creatures he is sworn to protect. But one thing he can never do is fall in love...with a mortal woman.

"Night’s Awakening"

The dark immortal warriors were never meant to experience human desire. But when Guy, a member of an ancient order of shape-shifting warriors, meets Elena—a mere mortal whose beauty and blind ambition shakes him to his core—all bets are off...

"Dawn’s Desire"

For centuries, the Dragon Kings have hidden their shapeshifting powers from the world. But when a mortal enemy threatens to expose them, the warrior Banan must leave his secret lair in the Highlands to risk his life for the dragons within—and resist the temptations of human love.

"Passion’s Claim"

Banan has been waiting for centuries for someone like Jane. Guy knew it was love at first sight with Elena. Can two Dragon Kings commit to two immortal women for eternity? Or does fate have something else in store?

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It's Release Day! Love, In English by Karina Halle

Title: Love, In English
Author: Karina Halle
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 20, 2014
He’s thirty-eight. I’m twenty-three.

He speaks Spanish. I speak English.

He lives in Spain. I live in Canada.

He dresses in thousand-dollar suits. I’m covered in tattoos.

He’s married and has a five-year old daughter.

I’m single and can’t commit to anyone or anything.

Until now.  Because when they say you can’t choose who you fall in love with, boy ain’t that the
f*#king truth.


To a restless dreamer like Vera Miles, it sounded like the experience of a lifetime. Instead of spending her summer interning for her astronomy major, she would fly to Spain where she’d spend a few weeks teaching conversational English to businessmen and women, all while enjoying free room and board at an isolated resort. But while Vera expected to get a tan, meet new people and stuff herself with wine and paella, she never expected to fall in love.

Mateo Casalles is unlike anyone Vera has ever known, let alone anyone she’s usually attracted to. While Vera is a pierced and tatted free spirit with a love for music and freedom, Mateo is a successful businessman from Madrid, all sharp suits and cocky Latino charm. Yet, as the weeks go on, the two grow increasingly close and their relationship changes from purely platonic to something…more.

Something that makes Vera feel alive for the first time.

Something that can never, ever be.

Or so she thinks.

Claudia shrugged and pulled down at her yellow tee. “Not my problem. Eduardo is nice but Ricardo is really nice.” “How did it happen?” I asked, kinda wanting the sordid details. She was coy. “The way it usually happens.” “Did you make the first move?” Another shrug. “Why not?” I swear, a shrug and a “why not?” were the Spaniards’ go-to answer for everything. “Well, then I guess it seems safe—and a little boring now—to tell you that I have a crush on someone.” Her brows quirked up. “Other than Mateo?” “What?” “You are sleeping with Mateo, no?” “WHAT?!” “No?” “No!” I exclaimed, appalled. “Why does everyone keep thinking that?” “Because you are always together,” she said simply. She took a sip of wine. “The attraction is very obvious. So, I figured you must be sleeping together.” “He’s married!” “Yes, but you are not.” I shook my head adamantly. “It’s wrong. I don’t want to be the other woman. I’ve seen my dad go for the other woman, and I can’t put Mateo’s daughter through that,” I said. “Or his wife,” I quickly added. “That doesn’t mean that you can’t have feelings for anyone else.” “Yes, it does mean that.” “Maybe you are meant to be together.” “We’re not! There isn’t even a together. We’re just friends. I haven’t done anything about it, and so far my feelings are totally one-sided.” Claudia got up off the couch and brought a pack of cigarettes out of her front jean pocket. “If you think it is on the one side, you have not seen the way he looks at you.” She walked over to her small patio table and pulled out a chair. I got up and stormed after her, my nerves dancing excitedly. “What do you mean, the way he looks at me?” I asked, lowering my voice in case there were people around listening. I felt like bouncing off the walls. She slid the ashtray toward her as I sat down. “You do not see it. But I do. I think everyone does. He looks at you like…like you’re his favorite food.” “Favorite food?” She lit her cigarette. “Yes. You’re like his favorite food in the whole world. He wants to have you, eat you, devour you. He thinks about you all the time, craves you. But he cannot have you for one reason or another. Perhaps you upset his stomach. Maybe he is on a diet, yes? All he wants is a taste, but he cannot even have that. That is how he looks at you.” I sat there, stunned, as some of her smoke blew in my face. That’s how Mateo looked at me? Like he wanted to eat me? I was pretty sure that’s how I looked at him. Just last night I was contemplating nibbling on his earlobes. “And yes,” she said, leaning closer to me, a small smile on her lips, “that is also how you look at him.” Great, a mind reader. “But you are more subtle about it. You try not to let everyone know. But, we know.” “There is nothing to know,” I reminded her, poking the table with my finger for emphasis. “We are not sleeping together. He is married. I have a crush. That is it. The end of the story.” “A crush?” she questioned. “Vera, I think you’re in love with him.” No fucking way. Not love. That did not happen with me, not ever and not now. “You can’t fall in love in a week,” I told her heatedly. “You can fall in love in a second,” she said with a snap of her fingers. “The heart has no regard for time.” With that sobering thought, Claudia told me about her ex-boyfriend and how they fell in love at first sight then took the conversation back to Ricardo and their exploits. I envied her so badly right then and there. She could fawn over Ricardo, kiss him, fuck him, and no one would ever bat an eye. It was okay for them to be together. It wasn’t forbidden. I gulped the rest of the wine and left her apartment, heading back to reception to meet Cristina for my next one-on-one, my mind and heart and hormones all over the place. Lo and behold, Mateo was walking up the path toward me. He was on the phone, smiling. His shirt was off and slung over his shoulder, exposing his bare chest, abs, and arms. Holy fuck. For a moment, I was sure that time had stopped. Or maybe ever single nerve, cell, vein, bone, muscle in my body just slowed as I took him all in. From his thick-veined forearms to his sculpted shoulders and broad chest peppered with neatly-trimmed chest hair, to his six-pack abs, he had, by far, the best body I’d ever seen on a man. He kept himself in fine-ass shape, looking more like a young athlete than anything else. He and David Beckham had more in common than I thought, although David’s skin tone wasn’t as mesmerizing. Mateo’s color was amazing, just beautiful, this dark, golden bronze that covered him everywhere. I wanted so badly to just touch him, to lick the sheen of sweat off his skin. I bet he tasted like victory. And to think this was the man that Claudia said wanted to taste me. I really, really wanted to believe her. Meanwhile, I was just standing there like I was melting into a puddle of myself. I clamped my mouth shut as he walked past and I heard him say into the phone, “No, mi tesorito, it was easy, I didn’t injure myself.” He was beaming, talking about the game, to his wife. To his tesorito. And he called their relationship complicated? This was complicated. He winked at me in acknowledgement, his smile becoming broader. I tried to smile back but it wouldn’t come. I just stared at him, feeling stupid, foolish, and strangely rejected. In a perfect world I may have been his favorite food, but it still wasn’t what he got served every day. I turned around and walked down the hill, my heart feeling like a pincushion. “Vera!” I heard him call out from behind. I stopped and nervously glanced over my shoulder. He was holding the phone’s receiver to his chest, grinning at me. “I need to ask you your question.” “What?” I asked, hoping it was quick. “Who is your favorite Spaniard here?” Seriously? And yet I couldn’t lie to him. “You,” I said, more to myself than to him. Then I turned around and walked away as quickly as I could.  

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With her USA Today Bestselling The Artists Trilogy published by Grand Central Publishing, numerous foreign publication deals, and self-publishing success with her Experiment in Terror series, Vancouver-born Karina Halle is a true example of the term "Hybrid Author." Though her books showcase her love of all things dark, sexy and edgy, she's a closet romantic at heart and strives to give her characters a HEA...whenever possible.

Karina holds a screenwriting degree from Vancouver Film School and a Bachelor of Journalism from TRU. Her travel writing, music reviews/interviews and photography have appeared in publications such as Consequence of Sound, Mxdwn and GoNomad Travel Guides. She currently lives on an island on the coast of British Columbia where she’s preparing for the zombie apocalypse with her fiance and rescue pup.


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J.L. Berg: When You're Ready 
Mia Sheridan: Stinger 
Harper Sloan: Axel 
Adriane Leigh: Wild 
Kasey Millstead: Cowboy Town 
MJ Carnal: Taming the Bachelor 
Kimberly Lauren: Beautiful Broken Rules 

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Strings of the Heart Prologue REVEALED!



“Go on, Allison!” Mallory urged.

“Yeah, do it now!” Kim chimed in, as she nudged me forward.

I tore my gaze from staring out the ballroom’s glass doors back to my two best friends. Their bright eyes danced with a mixture of excitement coupled with the champagne we’d been sneaking when the adults weren’t looking. I’d downed two flutes myself, and it was strictly the bubbly fueling my courage at the moment to give in to their dares.

“He’s alone for the first time all night. It’s the perfect time,” Mallory said.

Gnawing my bottom lip between my teeth, I shuffled indecisively on my heels while wringing my hands. Turmoil raged within me about my potential course of action.  “I know, but…”

“But what?” Kim pressed.

“What if he laughs at me?” My eyes widened in fear at the wild thoughts galloping through my head. “What if he won’t do it, and then he tells Jake what I asked him?”

Mallory rolled her green eyes. “Quit stalling, and just do it!”

Kim nodded. “You’ll always regret it if you don’t.”

I threw both of my hands up in defeat. “Fine, fine. I’ll do it.” I wagged a finger at them. “But if it goes horribly wrong, I’m never speaking to either of you again.”



MAY 12, 2014
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When Dreams Come to Life by H.M. Boatman ~Tour~

Lea McKenzie has it all. A sassy, ballsy, 30 year old who owns her own restaurant in Colorado, loves all things nature, and is hopelessly infatuated with Eoin Skye, Tinseltown’s newest resident vampire-playing hottie. When she gets the opportunity to attend a convention for Skye’s new TV show, Lea jumps at the chance. Little does she know, she’s about to embark on an emotional journey that will leave her breathless, and wanting more. All of Lea’s dreams are about to come to life.

I’ve been standing for what feels like forever, when Eoin comes into my view. God, he’s even more gorgeous in person.

 I continue to look his way in hopes that maybe I’ll catch his gaze. He turns his head in my direction, suddenly locks eyes with me and gives that sexy, panty-wetting grin and a wink. No way is that towards me!

 I quickly look behind me to see if some fox is standing in my general direction and turn back, only to meet those hypnotic eyes again. Again, he winks. Wow!

So, I decide to give it a go, flashing him a shy smile. I point at myself, mouthing, "Me?"
He gives me a nod, confirming my wildest dreams. No way! I feel really nervous to talk to him but I continue to stare at him anyway.

He and his assistant seat themselves at the signature table and every once in a while, he looks straight at me. Am I dreaming? There’s no way this is happening to me!

Goodreads     Amazon US     Amazon UK 

Finally, it’s my turn and as I walk up to the table, he never once takes his eyes off me. I’m going to melt. I give a starstruck grin and say hello, outstretching my hand to shake his. He pulls me forward, surprising me, and plants a kiss on my hand, never taking his eyes off mine. 

 My face heats instantly.

“What’s your name, love bug?” he asks with a smile.

“L... Lea,” I reply, nearly speechless. He nods
 seductively and it spurs me on. “I really appreciate the work you do with your foundation, you are a wonderful man Mr. Skye.” I blurt as he signs my picture.

 “Thank you, Lea.” He replies with a smile as he hands me back my picture.

 As I go to say goodbye, he stands and kisses my cheek, whispering in my ear, “Make sure you save a dance for me tonight.”  All I can muster is a nod and a grin in return. Eoin Skye wants me to meet him at the Decade Dance tonight? 

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